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The French tug Tsm Kermor arriving at Wicklow harbour on Thursday 24 October. The tug had towed the work platform Excalibur from Newhaven to work on the Met mast south of Wicklow Head. This is the first French tug l have seen visit the port.

49th Anniversary of tragic accident over Wicklow bay

On the afternoon of 16 August 1970, a formation of replica biplanes accompanied by a film crew in an Alouette II helicopter arrived over Wicklow bay. The plan was to get some aerial scenes for a new movie in production called Zeppelin.During the filming a biplane and the helicopter collided in view of many spectators watching from various locations around Wicklow. My earliest recollection on the pier is the sheer panic in the aftermath and people shouting to launch the lifeboat.Sadly, the pilot of the biplane and the four occupants of the helicopter died that day. I remember a memorial mass was held on the Packet pier a few days later for the five men.
It is hoped to mark the 50th Anniversary next year.

50th Anniversary of tragic accident at Wicklow harbour remembered

On Saturday 3rd August a ceremony took place at the Castle Wall, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of a tragic accident at Wicklow harbour, which occurred at the Packet pier on the 3rd August 1969.
Three occupants of a car sadly lost their lives, thankfully a fourth person survived, and she travelled to Wicklow with her family for the memorial ceremony.Relatives, friends and many local people including some who were present at the accident scene, gathered at the Castle wall at 5pm, for the blessing of a commemorative plaque, specially commissioned by the families to mark the 50th anniversary of the accident. Flowers and wreaths were placed by relatives at the plaque before Pat Brennan recited a poem, he wrote about the tragic accident. The ceremony concluded with local clergy blessing the plague, which overlooks the Packet pier.Many residents of Castle Street including my parents still remember this sad event

Bray Air Display 2019

Emerald formation (Aer Lingus Airbus and 5 Air Corps PC-9 aircraft) open the Bray Air Display 2019 (Photo Tommy Dover)

Tellus Aerial Survey over the Wicklow Coast

Twin Otter ( C-GSGF ) conducting a low level pass over Wicklow bay on Tuesday 9 July 2019.

The Tellus Air survey undertaken by the Geological Survey Ireland is part of a national programme that gathers geochemical and geophysical data across Ireland to examine the chemical and physical properties of soil, rocks and water. The Aircraft begun flying in May and will continue until late autumn 2019. More details here

Protest by Fishermen @ Greystones Harbour

Over 200 people gathered at Greystones harbour at noon on Saturday 22 June to support a Protest by three local fishermen, who are asking the harbour operators for facilities and a designated area to land catches.
According to press reports a meeting was scheduled for the following week , where it was expected all involved would meet to try and come to an agreement.
Update – Friday 5 July. According to the fishermen’s Social media page, the meeting took place but the issue is not been resolved yet.