October – December 2019

Tsm kermor transfers equipment to the Excalibur alongside the Met mast south of Wicklow head on Sunday afternoon.

Tsm Kermor loading equipment at the Packet pier on Saturday morning, the load was destined for the work platform Excalibur, south of Wicklow head.
Alpha Marine’s Shoalbuster 2409 tug Ams Retriever is also visible.

Ceg Cosmos discharged a cargo of logs at the Packet pier on Sunday and moved up river to the north quay berth to load a similar cargo for Liverpool. A new gantry has been fitted since her last visit and it looks like she will have a new crane or self discharging excavator for the next visit.

The containership Elbtrader passes the work platform Excalibur at the Met mast south of Wicklow head on Saturday afternoon. She was bound for Rotterdam after her weekly call at Dublin.
Excalibur built in 1978 and rebuilt in 2017 is the largest in the Fugro GeoServices fleet of jack-up barges, in class with Germanischer Lloyd. This 8-legged barge is capable of working in water depths up to 40 m and has been used extensively for installing foundations for offshore wind farm projects and also can be equipped with an integral foundation drilling unit.The jack-up provides a very stable working platform with accommodation for up to 40 personnel.

The French Tsm Kermor seen departing from Wicklow on Saturday afternoon. She was noted at anchor off Arklow overnight.

Tsm Kermor seen from a elevated vantage point at Wicklow head on Saturday afternoon.

Ceg Cosmos arrives from Ardrishaig with a cargo of round timber on Saturday afternoon.

The French tug Tsm Kermor arrives at Wicklow harbour on Thursday afternoon after towing the work platform Excalibur from Newhaven in Southern England and positioning it alongside the Met Mast, south of Wicklow head earlier today.

Tsm Kermor is operated by TSM based at Brest and was the ex Dutch INGE W up to 2017. She is a ‘Euro Tug 3210’ type tug built in 2017 at the Neptune shipyard, Aalst in the Netherlands.

Tsm Kermor going alongside the Packet pier on Thursday afternoon. This is the first French flagged tug l have seen in the port.

W.B Yeats southbound off Wicklow on Saturday afternoon, the ferry was bound for France for dry docking at Dunkirk. l read online she will return in a week and work on the Dublin – Holyhead route until the New Year, before resuming the Dublin -Cherbourg route.

Mts Vector tows the work platform Aran 250 north to Greenore from Arklow on Saturday afternoon.

Epsilon was the second ferry sighting on Saturday afternoon working the Dublin – Cherbourg route for Irish Ferries in place of W.B Yeats. The ferry will work the route for the new few weeks.


Liv Greta seen loading a cargo of round timber for Liverpool at the North quay on Sunday afternoon. The ship had arrived from Scotland to discharge a similar cargo.

Ceg Galaxy approaches the harbour with a cargo of round timber from Lochaline on Saturday afternoon as Kaja departs for Sweden.

The beam trawler Bridget Carmel seen alongside the Kaja on Friday afternoon, which is loading a cargo of mulch at the Packet pier. The photo was taken from a vantage point off the Greenhill Road near the Scenic car park.

The Maltese flagged Kaja arrives from Plymouth a dull Thursday evening to load a cargo of mulch for Sweden. The vessel called to Wicklow in 2011 as the AB Bilbao  to load scrap metal.