August – October 2018

Melas departing from Wicklow port on Saturday afternoon with a cargo of glass cullet for Liverpool.

CIL tender Granuaile at anchor in Wicklow bay on Monday evening.

Saturday 6th October arrival & departure
Merit departs for Rouen after discharging packaged timber as Ayress arrives from Scotland with her second cargo of the week.

The 26metre  Multicat workvessel Fastnet Sound seen arriving at Wicklow port on Sunday morning.  To find out more about the vessel and Fastnet Shipping visit the website here

Another arrival on Sunday morning was the Ceg Cosmos ( Now registered in Latvia) . She arrived from Fishnish with a cargo of round timber.

Scot Leader seen at the Packet pier on thursday evening as the sun set in the West. The ship had arrived from Varberg via Warrenpoint with a part cargo of packaged timber. She departed later and went to anchor overnight in the bay. 

Liva Greta departs on Monday evening after delivering a cargo of Scottish round timber from  Campbeltown.

Nataly seen arriving from Fowey in Cornwall on Friday evening. She went to anchor overnight and docked upriver at the North quay the following morning to discharge a cargo of sand. The beam trawler Mary Kate is visible on the horizon steaming towards Arklow.

Verity docking just after 6am on Monday morning. The Faversham Shipping vessel arrived from Liverpool to  load out a cargo of scrap metal.

Smn Explorer

SMN Explorer (ex Scot Explorer) arriving from Warrenpoint with a part cargo of Swedish packaged timber on Tuesday morning. The vessel  recently renamed has been  a regular visitor to the port as Scot Explorer since 2005. She will remain on time charter to Scot-line for the foreseeable future as the Company is expanding it’s fleet with new ships on order and under construction.

Wilson Horsens arrives from Dublin port on Wednesday evening to load out scrap metal. She was built in 2010 as the Kapitan Zhikharev at  the Onega Shipyard in Russia. In 2015 she was renamed Patrick and took her present name in 2016. ( Source: )
For more information about Wilson Shipping visit the website here