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January - March 2017

Thea Marieke

THEA MARIEKE discharging a part cargo of timber at the Packet pier on Saturday morning.

ceg cosmos arriving in wicklow bay

CEG COSMOS motors into Wicklow bay on Saturday afternoon with a cargo of scottish round timber.

Air Corps Romeo 210 over Wicklow bay.

Air Corps 'Romeo 210' transits south along the coast on Friday afternoon. They currently operates five Cessna FR172H aircraft. These aircraft first entered service in 1972 and operate seven days a week carrying out a wide variety of roles for the Air Corps. (Source www.military.ie) The aircraft are expected to be retired from service soon.

RABA passing CITO off Wicklw harbour.

The coaster RABA passes the southbound CITO off Wicklow harbour on Friday afternoon.

p62 heading south

The Naval vessel LÉ JAMES JOYCE steams south through Wicklow bay on Thursday afternoon, as Storm Doris clears the country. The storm brought strong gusty wind which disrupted flights at Dublin airport and left hundreds of homes without electricity.

burhou1  @ Wicklow

BURHOU1 motored into the bay on Monday evening , she took a pilot on arrival and docked at the Packet pier, with a cargo of round timber from Corpach.

The cargo was off loaded within a couple of hours on Wednesday morning and she departed around midday heading north for Kilroot.

burhou1 @ wicklow



EPSILON passes the 'Beach Bear' at Greystones seafront on Monday morning. The eight foot Bear sculpture was given to the community in 2014 by a family to remember their daughter.


EPSILON approaching Dublin port after her weekend run to Cherbourg.


GRANUAILE passes the Horseshoe bouy as she approaches Wicklow head from the south..


EPSILON was photographed again from Wicklow head southbound for Rosslare from Dublin, to drop off some freight from France on Monday afternoon.

GRANUAILE motoring into Wicklow bay on Monday afternoon. She anchored overnight.

bridget carmel

BRIDGET CARMEL arrives at Wicklow port on a mild February Monday afternoon.

king air @newcastle

A Beechcraft (C90 King Air) aircraft makes its approach to Newcastle on Sunday afternoon. The twin engine aircraft is the latest addition to the expanding fleet based at the airfield. The photos were taken from the Scenic carpark on the Greenhill. 

king air at newcastle


crownbreeze arriving

CROWNBREEZE arrives from New Holland on Saturday afternoon. She discharged a part cargo of Crown timber at the Packet pier and Monday and sailed the same afternoon for Le Treport.

l happened to see the ferry, PRIDE of RATHLIN passing Wicklow port on Friday morning in the mist. Her destination on www.marinetraffic.com was showing Greystones, so after a quick dash north, l got her entering Greystones harbour for the first time.

arklow ferry trials

The craft built by Arklow Marine Services was in Greystones for ramp trials.

ferry trials @ greystones

The ramp is lowered into position on the slip at Greystones on Friday morning. Let the ramp trials begin.

ferry trials @ greystones

Everything seems to be perfect as the first ferry to visit Greystones prepares to take the first motor vehicles.

Trials went well with both vehicles driving on and off without any problem. The ferry is expected to go into service between Ballycastle and Rathlin Island in the next couple of months, once facilities are completed.

ferry trials @ greystones

For more details about the ferry route read more here

ferry trials @ greystones

The visit to Greystones lasted over an hour , once the trials were completed the PRIDE OF RATHLIN returned to Arklow.

CEG COSMOS arriving f

CEG COSMOS arrives to deliver another cargo of scottish round timber on Thursday afternoon. She discharged the next morning and sailed at dinnertime on Friday to return to the highlands.

bridget carmel

The Wexford registered BRIDGET CARMEL departs from the Packet pier at Wicklow harbour on a dull tuesday afternoon.

bridget carmel


epsilon in the mist

Irish Ferries EPSILON motors north in the mist through Wicklow bay on Monday morning , on her return trip from Cherbourg.

The sea defences on the Murrough take a bounding from the sea on Monday afternoon. 13.2.2017

auto carrier

The auto carrier SCHELDE HIGHWAY makes her way north for Dublin port on Sunday afternoon. The weather was so bad along the East Coast that the Coast Guard cordoned off piers in Wicklow harbour with tape to stop the public from getting into danger as huge waves washed over the piers.

The beam trawler BRIDGET CARMEL approaches the harbour on Saturday afternoon in bad weather.

The 200 metre Wallenius- Wilhelmsen auto carrier MANON heads south through Wicklow bay on Saturday afternoon, after delivering a consignment of motor vehicles to Dublin port.

relief trent lifeboat 14-06

The RNLI relief fleet Trent class lifeboat RNLB WINDSOR RUNNER (14-06) heads south past Wicklow port on Friday morning. I believe she was on passage to the West coast. Relief fleet lifeboats cover while a station’s boat goes for overhaul.

The coaster CHRISTINA passes the Cobelfret Ro/Ro MAZARINE south of Wicklow head on Friday afternoon. The Dutch coaster was bound for Drogheda after a call at Cork.


GRANUAILE working on the outfall buoy in Wicklow bay on Thursday morning.


GRANUAILE completed work at the outfall buoy and departed around noon heading north.

The fishing vessel CATHERINE ALICE motors south as GRANUAILE arrives off Wicklow harbour on Wednesday afternoon.

A tender was launched from GRANUAILE as she went to anchor in the bay.

The tender picked up some additional crew from the East pier, before returning to the ship.

GRANUAILE at anchor in Wicklow bay on Wednesday evening. It was the only photo l got where she was not moving with tide.

CIL tender GRANUAILE at anchor in Wicklow bay on Sunday morning .Snow is visible on Djouce Mountain.


The Cobelfret Ro/Ro AMANDINE approaches Wicklow head from the south on Sunday morning, she was on passage to Dublin.

An Irish Rail track maintenance machine approaches Kilougher on Sunday morning.

Ireland's Eye is visible on the horizon in this photo taken from the Glen.

Navigation buoys on GRANUAILE’s deck receive attention on Sunday morning. The Irish Lights tender departed later the same day heading north.

velox at wicklow

Conditions were perfect on Saturday afternoon for a reflective shot of VELOX in the winter sunshine. The Faversham operated ships are always immaculate and well maintained.


The sunshine faded as VELOX left the harbour stern first on Saturday afternoon. She was bound for Liverpool.

container feedership

The 155 metre containership VEGA PHILIPP (ex PHILIPP) heading south for Leixoes (Spain) from Dublin on Saturday afternoon.


VELOX gets underway as TINA weighs anchor and takes a pilot. She arrived from Dundee late on Friday and went to anchor overnight.


TINA approaches the port as VELOX begins her 12 hour+ passage to the Mersey.

tina arriving at wicklow

The 88 metre TINA was built in 2010. She is a frequent caller at Wicklow port delivering Crown timber from Scandinavia.



TINA discharged a part cargo of Crown timber on Saturday afternoon, she departed later the same night on the short run north to Dublin port.

VELOX passes the tanker BRO DELIVERER as she heads to the South India bouy. The tanker is a regular sight in the bay as she brings oil to Dublin from Milford haven. As an Island nation we depend on ships like this to deliver oil to keep the Country running.

irish rail

Trainspotting: The Rosslare - Dublin Connolly service leaving Wicklow on Saturday afternoon. I think the driver was curious about the camera stricking through the fence. The scenic line skirts the coast as far as Greystones , before entering the longest tunnel on the network at Bray Head.

irish rail - rosslare train

The Dublin - Rosslare train leaves Wicklow Station. The route recently featured on the Great British Railway Journeys 'Goes to Ireland' series on BBC 2.

granuaile in wicklow bay

GRANUAILE was noted working on navigational buoy’s south of Wicklow head today. She returned to the bay on Saturday afternoon and went to anchor overnight.


coaster raba

The coaster RABA motors south past Wicklow harbour with a cargo of Scottish round timber destined for Rosslare.

granuaile and epsilon

Some late afternoon sunshine illuminates the ferry EPSILON as she passes GRANUAILE in Wicklow bay on Saturday afternoon.

EPSILON seems to have plenty of freight cargo as she heads to France.



VELOX seen loading scrap metal at the Packet pier on Friday afternoon. The rain was just clearing and out to sea, two rainbows were visible in the bay as we got some late sun. The rainbows had faded as l got to this vantage point at the Greenhill carpark.

velox arriving

VELOX arrived in ballast (lightship) on Thursday afternoon from Derry in very blustery conditions, it was a challenge for the pilot to board the vessel near the harbour entrance, they usually met vessels half way between the outfall buoy and port entrance.

velox arriving

VELOX rolls in the swell as she approaches the harbour entrance.


The pilot ladder is down and ready for the pilot.


With the Pilot now onboard , VELOX enters the harbour to load a cargo of scrap metal at the Packet pier.

gales lash the wicklow coast

Gales lash the Wicklow Coast on Thursday afternoon.

lady a

LADY ARIANE arrives in the bay from Sweden with a part cargo of packaged timber on Tuesday morning.

This is her second call to Wicklow under Scot-line charter. The company are expected to take delivery of an identical vessel later this year. (Info courtesy of Philip Malone)

lady ariane

A part cargo of timber was discharged and she departed for Warrenpoint later the same night.

lady ariane

LADY ARIANE seen from high ground on the Greenhill Road.


The 100metre auto carrier SCHELDE HIGHWAY (K-Line European Sea Highway Services) southbound off Wicklow head after a call at Dublin from Zeebruge on Tuesday afternoon. This is a new weekly service connecting Ireland with mainland Europe.

ceg cosmos

CEG COSMOS arrived from Scotland on Monday morning with another cargo of round timber. She was noted departing the same afternoon heading north for Lochaline.

welsh hills on horizon

The Welsh hills were visible from high ground for a short time after 8am on Sunday morning.

bounder departing in the mist

BOUNDER departs for Liverpool after loading a cargo of scrap metal on Sunday afternoon.

bounder arriving

Erwin Strahlmann's BOUNDER arrives from Waterford on Saturday morning, to load a cargo of scrap metal at the Packet pier.

bounder arriving


Traffic in the bay on Saturday included a Custom's cutter (possibly RCC FAIRE) and the RNLI Relief fleet Severn Class lifeboat RNLB DUKE of KENT (17-45). She was southbound for Rosslare to cover while their lifeboat goes for a refit.

RNLI relief fleet Severn

Newcastle aerodrome

Aeropro Sro Eurofox 912 EI- EWX at Newcastle Aerodrome on Saturday afternoon.

newcastle aerodrome

epsilon southbound off wicklow port

The Irish Ferries operated EPSILON goes south for Cherbourg on Saturday afternoon. 28.1.2017



CEG COSMOS arrives off Wicklow port in blustery conditions on Thursday afternoon , after a slow passage from Sandbank due to bad weather.


She discharge a cargo of Scottish round timber on Thursday afternoon and departed the next morning after 9am for Fishnish.

navy passing wicklow harbour

A P41 class naval patrol vessel ( possibly LE ORLA P41 ) passing Wicklow harbour on Tuesday morning.

ro/ro off wicklow

Cobelfret's Ro/Ro ferry CLEMENTINE heading north for Dublin port on Monday morning.

Air Corps PC-9 over wicklow bay

Air Corps Pilatus PC-9M 'Fox 262' seen over Wicklow bay on Monday afternoon during a training flight. These aircraft first entered service in 2004 and operate as the main pilot training aircraft for the Air Corps.

Air Corps PC-9 over wicklow bay


The CIL tender GRANUAILE returns to work at the Codling bank on Saturday morning.

tanker GALWAY FISHER for dublin

James Fisher & Sons PLC oil products tanker GALWAY FISHER motors north off Wicklow head on Saturday afternoon bound for Dublin port from Whitegate in Cork. The 91 metre vessel built in 1997 is a regular caller at Galway on the West coast.

LE ORLA in the bay

The Naval Services patrol vessel LE ORLA arrives in the bay on Saturday afternoon. She is one of two former Royal Navy 'Hong Kong patrol vessels' aquired by our Navy in 1988.

LE ORLA in the bay

Some brief late afternoon sun provides nice side lighting on LE ORLA in the bay.

LE ORLA in the bay

LE ORLA prepares to recover her Rib dinghy as she gets underway and steams north out of Wicklow bay. Hopefully we will see her visit Wicklow harbour in the future , like sistership LE CIARA (P42) which paid a courtesy visit over the May Bank holiday weekend last year.

tanker STI ACTON

The 184 metre tanker STI ACTON southbound in Wicklow bay for Antwerp on Saturday afternoon, after a call to Dublin port. She was built at Ulstan, South Korea in 2014

SAMSKIP EXPRESS heading for Dublin

The containership SAMSKIP EXPRESS passing the South India bouy as she heads north for Dublin port on Friday morning. She is a regular weeky caller to Dublin and Waterford.

naval vessel south of wicklow head

A P41 class naval patrol vessel (possibly LE ORLA) is seen heading north off Wicklow head on Friday afternoon. The mast to the right was placed to monitor various conditions and collect data before the seven wind turbines were put on the Arklow bank further south.

ro/ro ship and granuaile in background at the codling

The Ro/Ro MAZARINE motors south off Wicklow head on Friday afternoon , the CIL tender GRANUAILE is visible in the background working at the Codling.

VAN 7 over wicklow

The VANS R7 (EI-SYM) light aircraft transits north over the bay on Friday afternoon.

The CIL tender GRANUAILEarrives in Wicklow bay on Friday afternoon to anchor overnight. She was noted working at the Codling for the past few days. The bunker tanker in the background is MERSEY SPIRIT , southbound for Rosslare to refuel ferries. 

ceg cosmos sailing

CEG COSMOS discharged round timber on thursday morning at the Packet pier, she completed discharge and departed at lunchtime heading north.

ceg cosmos sailing19.1.2017

third caller of the year to wicklow - CEG COSMOS

CEG COSMOS arriving this afternoon for her first call of 2017, with a cargo of round timber from Sandbank in Scotland. She was built as the ELISABETH in 1983, at the German shipyard Husumer Schiffswerft and took her present name in 2008. 

Isle of Inishfree going to drydock in cornwall

Irish Ferries ISLE of INISHMORE southbound off Wicklow port on Wednesday evening, she was heading for Falmouth for annual refit . Her usual route is Rosslare – Pembroke, but she was notrd working the Dublin – Holyhead corridor over the past couple of weeks.

epsilon and stena europe

It was an extremely busy time on Monday in the bay, with various ferry and Ro/Ro traffic movements. EPSILON was in the bay three times over a 12-hour period. She passed north early on Monday morning, returning after her weekend run to Cherbourg. She offloaded traffic in Dublin before heading to Rosslare in the afternoon, possibly to offload new cars and then returned to Dublin later the same evening. The photo is of EPSILON heading north on Monday morning from France, in the background the STENA EUROPE is visible. She was returning to Rosslare after her annual overhaul in Belfast.


The photo taken at Wicklow head shows EPSILON heading south for Rosslare passing the anchored bulk carrier NEMO.

ferry off wicklow head

EPSILON passes the car carrier WESER HIGHWAY, which was one of two car carriers inbound for Dublin.

car carriers heading for dublinAuto carriers ROCKIES HIGHWAY and WESER HIGHWAY make their way towards Dublin port on Monday evening to offload new cars for the 171 motor trade.

CIL tender GRANUAILE anchored overnight in the bay , she departed on Saturday morning to work at the Codling buoy .

ro/ro ship in bay

Cobelfret's AMANDINE motors north off Wicklow head on Sunday morning as the CIL tender works on offshore navigation buoy's.

filia ariea at anchor off greystones

The coaster FILIA ARIEA seen at anchor off Greystones on Sunday morning. The 90metre coaster built in 2008 is identical to SCOT ISLES. She left the anchorage later to resume her passage south.The photo was taken near Wicklow Golf club.

Arklow lifeboat returning to station after a callout

Arklow RNLI got their first callout of the year on Sunday afternooneon. The alarm was raised after a person was injured on a yacht about 12 miles offshore. The casualty was transferred onto the lifeboat before being airlifted to hospital by 'Rescue 116' the Coast Guard helicopter. I got this photo near Brittas bay beach of the Trent class lifeboat GER TIGCHELAAR returning to station after the callout.

ro/ro in bay

Traffic sightings in the bay on Saturday morning included the Cobelfret Ro/Ro CLEMENTINE heading north for a call to Dublin from Zeebrugge. The ship on the horizon is the VANQUISH bound for Warrenpoint to take up work again on the Warrenpoint/Dublin -Cardiff/Avonmouth run along with F.ARSLAN 5. Any information on the service welcome.

seatruck pace in wicklow bay

SEATRUCK PACE passing the anchored NEMO off the Wicklow coast on Saturday morning. The Ro/Ro ferry departs from Dublin every Saturday for Avonmouth in the Bristol channel. The bulk carrier NEMO weighed anchor and sailed on tuesday morning, for the port of Gijon according to www.marinetraffic.com

murrough protection project

The Irish Rail afternoon service from Dublin Connolly to Rosslare Europort passes the recently completed coastal protection project on the Murrough. This time last year, Irish Rail carried out emergency works to protect the railway line from the sea, before the County Council put the concrete caissons in place. Erosion from the relentless sea is a serious problem on this stretch of the Wicklow Coastline, as Irish Rail are currently carrying out protection work on sections between Kilcoole and Greystones.

Irish lights chartered helicopter over wicklow

The PDG operated EC135 helicopter G-GLAA transits south over the Wicklow town on Friday morning. PDG are contracted by the Commissioners of Irish Lights , the Northern Lighthouse Board and Trinity House, to provide helicopters for transport and logistic operations to various lighthouses around the coast. For more details click here

PUR NOVOLOK sailing for the mersey

PUR NAVOLOK departing for Liverpool on Friday morning after loading a cargo of scrap metal. She had arrived from Greenore on Wednesday and is the second caller of 2017.

PUR NOVOLOK departing wicklow

ro/ro ship off wicklow

The VESPERTINE heads south off Wicklow head on Friday afternoon, after her weekly call to Dublin portfrom Rotterdam. The geared bulker NEMO is also visible in the background. She went to anchor north of the Codling earlier in the week . Her bright lights were visible on the horizon at night.

bridget carmel arriving at wicklow

The beam trawler BRIDGET CARMEL arriving at Wicklow harbour on Thursday afternoon. It was a cold dry day on the East Coast, but there was snow falling on high ground during the day.

Heogh target heading for Dublin port

Höegh Autoliners HÖEGH TARGET motors north of Wicklow head on -- afternoon , on her way to Dublin port with a delivery for the motor trade. When launched in 2015 , she was the the world's biggest Pure Car and Truck Carrier with a capacity for 8,500 vehicles. She is the first of sixx new vessels for the Norweigan flagged company. For more information visit Höegh's website here

F ARSLAN - working warrenpoint - Cardiff

The containership F ARSLAN 5 heads south for Avonmouth in the Bristol channel. She maintains a regular weekly service calling at Warrenpoint , Dublin , Cardiff and Avonmouth. She was built in 1986 as the RHEINTAL.

bridget carmel at the Packet pier

I took this photo just before 5pm on Sunday, taking advantage of the slight stretch in daylight.

wicklow head

The beam trawler BRIDGET CARMEL steams towards Wicklow port on Saturday afternoon. The three lighthouses are clearly visible on Wicklow head.

Airbus A380 over Wicklow

A Lufthansa A380 airbus (D-AIMJ) heads west over Wicklow head on Thursday morning. The aircraft is on a ten hour flight from Frankfurt to Houston , a journey over seven thousand, three hundred kilometres. (Source flightradar24.com)

SCOT ISLES departing for Sweden

SCOT ISLES seen departing south on thursday morning , after discharging a part cargo of Swedish packaged timber. The containership SAMSKIP EXPRESS is also visible in the background inbound for Dublin port.

SCOT ISLES -first caller of 2017

SCOT ISLES was the first coaster caller of 2017. She is seen arriving from Varberg via Warrenpoint on Wednesday morning, with a part cargo of Swedish packaged timber.

Bridget Carmel @ packet pier

Wicklow harbour on a fine sunny morning.

Spratt fishing vessel

The fishing vessel OCEAN PEARL arrived from the south on Tuesday morning to trawl for spratt along the coastline..

spratt fishing vessel in the bay

VAN R7 lightaircraft over wicklow bay

Got a quick photo of the locally operated VANS R7 EI-SYM as it transited north over the bay. These aircraft are built from kits. You buy the RV kit from the manufacturer, this includes all parts required to build the airframe. The engine, propeller, instruments and everything else is sourced from other suppliers.

STENA NORDICA in wicklow bay

STENA NORDICA heading south through the bay on Tuesday morning, she was on her way to Rosslare to cover while STENA EUROPE goes for annual refit in Belfast. She was a regular sight in the past as the P&O ferries EUROPEAN AMBASSADOR, while working a weekend run from Dublin to Cherbourg. Stena ferries in the Irish Sea go for annual overhaul during the first two months of the year, and it looks like STENA NORDICA will cover rosters while each ferry goes for refit.

Wicklow RNLI launching on New Years day 2017

Wicklow RNLI all weather lifeboat RNLB ANNIE BLAKER launches on New Year's Day after local clergy held a short prayer and blessing ceremony in the Station. The Service of Remembrance is held to remember past lifeboat crew and all associated with the sea from the town.

Wicklow RNLI launching

Coxswain Nick Keogh and a volunteer crew take blessed flowers and wreaths out into Wicklow bay , where they will be launched onto the water.

RNLI launching

The RNLB ANNIE BLAKER is a Tyne class lifeboat , she has been on station since 1989.

RNLI launching

The new sea protection work is clearly visible behind the lifeboat. This day last year , Irish Rail had to carry out emergency works in order to protect the railway line , after sections were washed away by the sea. Wicklow County Council carried out engineering work over the Summer and placed the concrete caissons along a stretch of the murrough.

RNLI launching

Wicklow lifeboat returns to station after the Service of Remembrance on Sunday afternoon.

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