Wicklow Maritime News

February 2017

Monday 17th - Sunday 23rd April

Coaster callers included LADY ARIANE & ISIS.

Visitors to the port included the beam trawler MARY KATE.

A fleet of yachts crossed the finish line off Wicklow harbour on Saturday afternoon in the first ISORA race of the season from Dun Laoghaire.

Traffic sightings included the liner MARO POLO heading north for Belfast. The ferry EPSILON was noted heading to Dublin on Monday morning , after her weekend run to Cherbourg.

The LPG tanker GAS LEGACY was noted at anchor off Bray during the week. The ship had sailed from Dublin port.

Monday 10th - Sunday 16th April

Coaster callers included THEA MARIEKE

Naval traffic sightings included the French Tripartite class mine warfare vessel L'ÉRIDAN (M641) and Dutch De Zeven Provinciën-class frigate, HNLMS TROMP, southbound after visits to Dublin port. A Dutch submarine possibly HNLMS BRUINVIS , also southbound near the Colding buoy.

Monday 3rd - Sunday 9th April

Coaster callers included CEG COSMOS x2 , VELOX and THEA MARIEKE.

Traffic sightings included the coaster AYRESS , Ro/Ro MELUSINE and large containership MSC EDITH.

Two Royal Navy Archer class vessels HMS BLAZER & HMS RANGER were noted northbound on Saturday afternoon.

The research vessel CELTIC VOYAGER was noted working in the bay during the week . She was conducting a geophysical Exploration of the shallow sub-seabed (GESS) along the east coast.  

Monday 27th March - Sunday 2nd April

Coaster callers included CEG COSMOS with round timber from Scotland.

Traffic sightings in the bay included the Ro/Ro ferries VALENTINE & CELANDINE. The tanker THUN GENIUS, she runs between Dublin - Milford haven. The auto carrier SCHELDE HIGHWAY was also noted on her weekly run between Dublin - Zeebrugge.

Monday 20th - Sunday 26th March

Coaster callers included SCOT LEADER (making her debut call to the port). CROWNBREEZE and SUDERAU.

Traffic sightings included the ferry SPIRIT OF RATHLIN on her delivery passage from Arklow to Rathlin Island. She passed Wicklow on Tuesday evening. Other sightings included the coaster RABA and containership

The Customs Cutter RCC fAIRE visited the port on Sunday.

Monday 13th - Sunday 19th March

Coaster callers included OSTENAU and CEG COSMOS.

Traffic sightings included the coasters SCOT ISLES , ECHION , KELT , ISLAY TRADER and AYRESS. The liner SAGA PEARL II was noted heading north for Dublin in the dark in the early hours of St Patrick’s Day.

The Dublin based S92 Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 116 (EI-ICR) was reported missing early on Tuesday morning, after radio contact was lost. The helicopter was providing top cover for Rescue 118 (Sligo). A search got under way immediately and one of the crew was taken from the water. Sadly the person died later.Three crew remain missing. The helicopter was a familiar sight and sound over Wicklow. We are all in shock at the news and send our sincere condolences to the families of the crew.

A minutes silence was observed during the St Patrick’s Day parade in Wicklow town. Flags around the harbour were also flying at half-mast during the week for the crew of Rescue 116.
Visitors to the port included the beam trawlers MARY KATE & BRIDGET CARMEL.

ILV GRANUAILE was noted working  on the outfall buoy on Wednesday afternoon , she departed later for Blacksod bay in County Mayo, to take part in the recovery operation for Rescue 116.

Monday 6th - Sunday 12th March

Coaster callers included ISIDOR , OSTENAU and CEG COSMOS.

Visitors to the port included the beam trawler MARY KATE.

The Coast Guard s92 helicopter EI-ICR was also noted in the area.

Traffic in the mist included the former RNLI Watson class lifeboat JOSEPH SOAR heading south for a naming ceremony in Wales. The ferry EPSILON was noted heading south for France on Saturday afternoon. Containership sightings included the ARX , she maintains a weekly service between Dublin - Rotterdam.

The RNLI lifeboat RNLB JOHN BUCHANAN BARR (16-21) was noted heading south out of Dun Laoghaire on Wednesdy morning. The Tamar class has been on station at Portpatrick since 2011. She was bound for the South Coast in the UK and went to Kilmore Quay for a night stopover before crossing over to the UK. –  16-01 which passed Wicklow last week is covering at Portpatrick , while 16-21 is away for refit. The relief fleet Severn THE WILL (17-02) was noted heading north the next day also.

Monday 26th February - Sunday 5th March

Coaster callers this week included SCOT ISLES , CEG COSMOS (x2) and ISIDOR.

Traffic sightings included the containerships MSC EDITH , ROMY TRADER and E.R AUCKLAND . The coaster ARKLOW FUTURE was noted going south. Notable sightings included the classic liner MARO POLO returning to Avonmouth after a cruise to Norway and the dredger MARGRETHE FIGHTER heading north for Scotland.

The RNLI relief fleet Tamar 14-01 was noted going north for Portpatrick on Thursday morning , after a night stopover at Arklow.

The naval vessel LE SAMUEL BECKETT (P61) anchored in the bay during the week

Monday 20th - Sunday 26th February

Coaster callers this week included CROWNBREEZE , BURHOUI , THEA MARIEKE and CEG COSMOS.

Traffic sightings in the bay included the coasters RMS RAHM and RABA. The Irish Naval vessel LE JAMES JOYCE (P62) was also noted heading south.

The research vessel CORYTES was also noted working along the coast during the week.
Aviation sightings included the Air Corps Reims 172 ‘R210’ transiting over the bay.


Monday 13th - Sunday 19th February

Coaster callers this week included CEG COSMOS and CROWNBREEZE.

Visitors to the port included the beam trawler BRIDGET CARMEL.
Traffic sightings in the bay included the Irish Ferries EPSILON, returning from her weekend run to France and the Cobelfret Ro/Ro VICTORINE. Coaster traffic included the RABA and AYRESS with round timber from Scotland. Naval traffic included the LE CIARA (P42) heading north.

The ferry SPIRIT OF RATHLIN left Arklow port on Friday, to carry out ramp trials in Greystones. The ferry built by Arklow Marine Services, is expected to go into service in the coming months linking Rathlin Island with Ballycastle, County Antrim.   The ferry returned to Arklow port after trials were completed.

Aviation traffic included an Air Corps 'CASA' Maritime patrol aircraft routing north over the bay. The Dublin based Coast Guard s92 helicopter was also noted in the area during the week. On Sunday afternoon, a C90 King Air aircraft was noted landing at Newcastle Aerodrome. The aircraft recently acquired in the US, will be based there.

Monday 6th - Sunday 12th February

The Commissioners of Irish Lights tender GRANUAILE anchored overnight in the bay, during the week,while working on navigation buoys in the area.

Traffic sightings in the bay included the EPSILON going north in the mist on Monday morning from France. The Ro/Ro VALENTINE was also noted heading north the same day with ARKLOW RULER and containership ARX , all were bound for Dublin from Zeebrugge , Swansea and Rotterdam respectively.The containership VANQUISH was noted heading south out of Warrenpoint for Cardiff.

Visitors to the port this week included the beam trawler BRIDGET CARMEL.

Bad weather crossed the country over the weekend with seas coming over the east pier during high tides. As a precaution the Coast Guard closed access to piers in the harbour, to prevent someone being washed off.

Monday 30th January - Sunday 5th February

Coaster callers included CEG COSMOS , LADY ARIANE , VELOX and TINA.

Traffic sightings included the 100metre auto carrier SCHELDE HIGHWAY ( K-Line European Sea Highway Services) southbound after a call at Dublin from Zeebruge on Tuesday afternoon. This is a new service linking the ports, which started in the past couple of weeks.
The CIL tender GRANUAILE anchored in the bay overnight over the weekend.She was noted working on the Horseshoe and North Arklow buoys on Saturday. Other traffic sightings included the ferry EPSILON , the containership VEGA PHILIPP southbound for Leixoes from Dublin and the tanker BRO DELIVERER, delivering oil from Milford Haven.

The Cobelfret  Ro/Ro OPALINE went north for Dublin on Sunday morning , followed later by sister  vessel  PEREGRINE the same afternoon.

Sunday 23th - Sunday 29th January
Coaster callers included CEG COSMOS & BOUNDER

Aviation traffic included Air Corps PC-9 '262' over the bay and Rescue 115, the Coast Guard helicopter based at Waterford, it was noted in the area on Sunday around lunchtime.

Traffic sightings included the ferry EPSILON and the RNLI relief fleet Severn class lifeboat RNLB DUKE of KENT, she was bound for Rosslare to cover while their lifeboat goes for refit.

Sunday 16th - Sunday 22th January

Coaster callers included CEG COSMOS
The LE ORLA (P41) was noted in the bay for a short time on Saturday afternoon , she went north later for Dun Laoghaire.
GRANUAILE was working at the Codling bank during the week and anchored in the bay overnight on Friday.

A notable sighting was the French 6,000 tonne  ‘Aguitaine class frigate PROVENCE  southbound outside the Codling on Monday  morning after a weekend courtesy visit to Dublin. The vessel built at Brest by DCNS in 2015 and has an overall length of 142m. Her role is anti-submarine warfare and is equipped to operate a NH90 helicopter.

Traffic sightings included the STENA EUROPE, returning to Rosslare on Monday after a refit in Belfast. Auto carriers ROCKIES HIGHWAY and (KESS operated) WESER HIGHWAY (from Zeebrugge) were both noted in the bay on Monday, they were bound for Dublin with new cars for the Irish market.

The geared bulk carrier NEMO weighed anchor on Tuesday and headed south , her destination on marinetraffic.com was Gijon.

The ferry SPIRIT of RATHLIN is nearing completion at Arklow , she was out on sea trials before Christmas and is expected to be handed over to new owners in the coming months. On Sunday she was noted in the inner dock and looked ready for sea.

COURTOWN, County Wexford
Work on the harbour is ongoing at Courtown, as repairs of the North & South piers continue after they were damaged during storms in 2013/2014.

Sunday 8th - Sunday 15th January

Coaster callers included PUR NOVOLOK .
The CIL tender GRANUAILE   was noted working at the Codling bank. She anchored overnight in the bay on one occasion.

Traffic included the auto carrier HEOGH TARGET north for Dublin port and the coaster RABA south with Scottish round timber for Youghal. The containership VANQUISH was also noted northbound off the Codling for Warrenpoint.It looks like she will be covering the Warrenpoint – Dublin - Cardiff / Avonmouth run, while  F.ARSLAN 5 goes to dry dock or has completed charter.

The geared bulk carrier NEMO was noted at anchor near the Codling during the week after leaving Dublin. Her lights were visible on the horizon during darkness.

The coaster FILIA ARIEA was noted at anchor off Greystones Sunday , she resumed her passage south later the same day.

Arklow RNLI launched on their first callout of the year  on Sunday , they were tasked to a English yacht with an injured crewmember over 12 miles offshore. The casualty was transferred aboard the Trent class lifeboat GER TIGCHELAAR, after assessment it was decided to airlift him to hospital. The casualty was winched to Rescue 116 near Wicklow head and airlifted to hospital for medical attention.

Sunday 1st - Sunday 7th January

The first commercial caller of 2017 at Wicklow port was SCOT ISLES on Wednesday , with a part cargo of Swedish packaged timber.
Visitors to the port included the beam trawler BRIDGET CARMEL.
Wicklow RNLI held its Annual Service of Remembrance in the boathouse on New Year’s Day at 2pm. local clergy conducted a short prayer service before blessing flowers and wreaths. This year Coast Guard volunteer Catriona Lucas was remembered during prayers, she sadly lost her life while on a search off the Clare Coast earlier in the year. The RNLB ANNIE BLAKER then launched in rough conditions, which was great for photographs. The ceremony remembers all former RNLI volunteers and all mariners from the town.

Traffic sightings during the week included the fishing vessel RACHEL JAY, containerships RACHEL BORCHARD and SAMSKIP EXPRESS. The ferries EPSILON and SEATRUCK PACE were also seen in the bay on passage to Cherbourg and Avonmouth respectively. Tanker traffic included the GALWAY FISHER out of Dublin for Whitegate refinery in Cork.

Notable sightings included STENA NORDICA southbound to cover at Rosslare , while STENA EUROPE went for refit at Harland & Wolf in Belfast and the Irish naval vessel LE CIARA.
The liner BOUDICCA went south late on Friday night after a call at Dublin, she was bound for Southampton.

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