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September - December 2016

ac112 over wicklow

The final picture of the year goes to the Air Corps. They provide an 24/7 nationwide air ambulance service from a base in Athlone. They use the callsign '112' . I took this photo from the Hockey field as the AW139 prepared to land near Marlton road to airlift a casualty to hospital. We hope the person is ok.

Rescue 116 0ver Wicklow port

'Rescue 116' the Coast Guard helicopter seen over Wicklow harbour on Tuesday morning. A major multi agency search took place around Wicklow harbour and bay area for a missing person in the last week of the year. Unfortunately,the person was not located.


It's back to normal for mariners on St Stephen's day, as TELAMON departs for Liverpool shortly after 9pm.


Telamon departing

sospan dau

SOSPAN DAU also departed on St Stephen's day at noon. She headed south to resume her dredging work at Rosslare Europort.

sospan dau


Sospan Dau & Telamon on christmas day

We had two vessels in port on Christmas day, which is something l have not seen before. We hope both crews had an enjoyable day. The TELEMON loaded out a cargo of scrap metal.

coaster on xmas eve in the bay

The coaster VITA motors south through the bay on Christmas Eve.

Sospan Dau

SOSPAN DAU seen at the East pier during a brief sunny spell on Friday afternoon.

cil tender Granuaile in the bay

GRANUAILE leaves the bay on Thursday morning, to work on offshore navigation bouys.She had spent the night at anchor off Wicklow harbour.

cil tender granuaile at work off the wicklow coast

GRANUAILE works on the North India navigation buoy, as the Cobelfret ferry PEREGRINE passes on her weekly run to Dublin from Zeebrugge.

dredger Sospan Dau

The dredger SOSPAN DAU arrived from Rosslare on Thursday evening to shelter from bad weather. She has been working in the ferry port for the past few weeks and will spend Christmas alongside at Wicklow.

Sospan Dau & Telamon


liner Maro Polo in Wicklow bay

The classic liner MARO POLO passes the Dutch tanker BITFLOWER in the bay on Tuesday morning. 20.12.2016

ceg cosmos

CEG COSMOS eases away from the Packet pier on Monday afternoon, after discharging round timber from Scotland.

ceg cosmos departing


New tug for Derry

Another new vessel, the STRATHFOYLE motors north off Wicklow port on Sunday morning. The Damen ASD 2310 type tug is on delivery passage to Derry. She was built in China and transhipped to Holland to be fitted out. We wish the owners every success with the new tug.

xmas lights on the river

Christmas lights illuminate the river.



CIL tender GRANUAILE motors south past Wicklow head on Saturday afternoon.

le ciara p42

LE CIARA smoking nicely as she heads south through the bay on Friday afternoon. The former Royal Navy patrol vessel has been in service with our Navy since 1989 and has a top speed in excess of 25knots. She also paid an unexpected courtesy call to Wicklow over the May Bank holiday.

coaster arriving from liverpool

pur novolok arriving

PUR NOVOLOK arriving from Liverpool on Thursday afternoon , to load a cargo of scrap metal at the Packet pier.

pur novolok


ISIS discharging round timber

ISIS discharged a cargo of Scottish round timber on Saturday morning , she departed at lunchtime for the short run north to Drogheda.

isis departing for drogheda

santa arriving on Wicklow RNLI lifeboat

Another import arrival on Saturday afternoon , was Father Christmas on board the Wicklow lifeboat. 10.12.2016

crown timber ship arriving

ANNE DORTE motors into the bay to pick up a pilot on Friday morning. She discharged a part cargo of Crown timber at the Packet pier.

crown ship arriving


scot isles sailing for warrenpoint

SCOT ISLES motors out of the port on a wet dull Tuesday, after discharging packaged timber from Varberg. Her next port of call was Warrenpoint.

crownbreeze arriving

CROWNBREEZE prepares to swing in the harbour on a cold Sunday morning with Crown timber from Hamina. She departed the next day , heading south for the French port of Rouen.

47-035 wicklow lifeboat Annie Blaker in the bay

Wicklow RNLI Tyne class lifeboat RNLB ANNIE BLAKER seen during a Sunday morning crew excercise in the bay.

customs cutter FAIRE in the bay

The Customs cutter RCC FAIRE motors north through the bay on Saturday afternoon.

rms ship arriving

rms and man with dog

rms bremen

RMS BREMEN arrived from Glasson dock at midday on Thursday, she docked at the Packet pier to load glass cullet . Loading was completed and she departed for Ellsmere port shortly after 2200hrs on the high tide.

rms bremen

msc ship in bay

The container vessel MSC EDITH southbound after a call to Dublin, while the coaster PINNAU was visible outside the Codling bound for Drogheda from Bilbao. The whelk traler FRAN LEON III is also visible to the right.

coaster elbetor loading scrap metal

ELBETOR loading out a cargo of scrap metal for liverpool

stormy weather at wicklow port

The sea washes over the Black Castle on tuesday morning.

alizee departing

ALIZEE leaves the berth on Tuesday afternoon after completing discharge of Crown timber. Her next port of call was Newport.

ceg cosmos

We had two shipping movements on Sunday , the first saw CEG COSMOS departing after discharging Scottish round timber. The other was the arrival of the ALIZEE with a part cargo of Crown timber.


bridget carmel


r44 at newcastle areodrome

The Robinson 44 helicopter D-HALS is a regular sight over the town, she is seen lifting off from Newcastle aerodrome on Saturday afternoon.


The 'supermoon' rising over Wicklow's East coast on Tuesday evening. Last night the moon was the closest to Earth since 1948. It won’t come this close to Earth again until November 25, 2034.

ferry arriving at wicklow

The ferry FOYLE VENTURE arriving on Thursday afternoon, while on passage to Wexford for overhaul at New Ross. The ferry was delayed by bad weather and departed two days later.

air corps winch excercise

ARKLOW BROOK winch training with an Air Corps AW139 helicopter ‘279’ in the bay on Wednesday afternoon.

bridget carmel arriving

MUSKETIER loads out a cargo of scrap metal for Liverpool on Saturday as the beam trawler BRIDGET CARMEL arrives.

seatruck pace

Seatruck ferries SEATRUCK PACE heads south on Saturday on her weekend run to Avonmouth in the Bristol Channel. The containership on the horizon is the ENDURANCE.

ceg cosmos

CEG COSMOS arriving on Friday morning with her second round timber cargo of the week from Scotland. She discharged at the Packet pier and departed before 1800hrs, heading north for Scotland.


ANNE DORTE arriving from Dundee on a dull wet thursday morning to unload a part cargo of Crown timber. She sailed later the same evening for Swansea.

chinese heavy lift vessel and royal navy patrol vessel off wicklow coast

It was a beautiful Friday morning along the Wicklow Coast with the Welsh hills visible and plenty of traffic. Which included the Chinese semi-submersible vessel HUA VANG LONG, complete with a deck cargo. She motored into Dublin bay possibly to pick up crew, before resuming her passage northwards for Sabetta in Russia. The other vessel looks like a Royal Navy ‘River class’ patrol vessel, it could be HMS SEVERN out of Fastlane. Other Royal Navy vessels were busy in the English Channel at the same time shadowing a large Russian Naval flotilla as it sailed past Dover. The masts of the bulker CAPE YORK are also visible on the horizon, as she motors north out of Newport for Skagen in Denmark.


Rosslare RNLI Severn class lifeboat heads north past Wicklow harbour on Wednesday morning.


OHLAU loads out scrap metal at the Packet pier for Liverpool on Wednesday afternoon.

CIL tender GRANUAILE off Wicklow

The CIL tender GRANUAILE motors south off Brides head on Wednesday afternoon.

burhoui southbound

The BURHOUI southbound off Wicklow head on Wednesday afternoon with a cargo ofround timber.

maro polo liner out of dublin

The liner MARO POLO motors south off Wicklow port on Sunday afternoon after a call at Dublin. 

SEATRUCK PACE first run on Dublin - Avonmouth run

The Ro/Ro ferry SEATRUCK PACE heads south on the new Dublin - Avonmouth freight run.

sammy on the quay

'Sammy' causing some traffic disruption at the South Quay on Thursday morning.

sail Ireland entry for Vendee world race

Flying the Irish flag on the high seas – Bon Voyage Enda
The racing yacht KILCULLEN VOYAGER seen passing the South India buoy, off Wicklow on Tuesday afternoon. Skipper Enda O'Coineen is on passage to France to compete in the Vendée Globe Challenge. The race will start next month in the Bay of Biscay at Les Sables d’Olonne. 
We wish him every success on his epic journey around the Globe.

MARIETJE ANDREA passing wicklow port

MARIETJE ANDREA motors north en route to Dublin from Foynes on a calm sunny Saturday afternoon.

crown timber ship arriving (sylve)

SYLVE arrives on Friday afternoon to discharge a part cargo of timber at the Packet pier. She departed the next day.

verity arriving

VERITY seen arriving onWednesday afternoon , to load out a cargo of scrap metal at the Packet pier.


The VERITY seen on Wednesday evening as darkess falls. Meanwhile out over the horizon a NATO minehunter fleet were steaming north, to take part in an excercise off the Scottish coast.

wind departing for wales

The WIND departs on Saturday afternoon bound for the Welsh port of Swansea

wind at north pier

WIND seen with the crane fully elevated on Friday morning.

naval ship off wicklow

An Irish Naval vessel motors south through the bay on Thursday morning.


A tripod and wide angle lenses was used to capture this shot on Wednesday night.

launch of ferry in arklow


launch of ferry in arklow

launch of ferry @ Arklow

The crane ship LARA 1 (Ex MERSEY MAMMOTH) lifted Arklow Marine Services new build 'SPIRIT of RATHLIN' into the river at lunchtime on Tuesday, the launch was welcomed by the large crowd, who gathered along the river to watch. They cheered and applauded the vessel as it touched the water. It will now be completed and fitted out, before trials and handing over to the new owners.

MUSKETIER completed loading scrap metal on Tuesday evening , she departed for Liverpool on the tide a short time after the photo was taken..

071 railtour

An Irish railtour passing through Wicklow on Monday. The train was hauled by an 071 class locomotive.

LARA 1 off Wicklow head

The crane ship LARA 1 passes Wicklow head on Monday , she was bound for Arklow to launch a new ferry.


WIND at the 'new pier' on Sunday afternoon.

WIND  at Wicklow

WIND moves to the north pier after loading bunkers. She is expected to depart for Wales over the weekend.

MERIT at Wicklow

MERIT arrived on Thursday afternoon from Dundee, with packaged timber from Scandinavia.



wind at wicklow

WIND at the Packet pier on Tuesday evening.

welsh hills seen from Wicklow

The Welsh hills are clearly visible from this location overlooking Brides head on Tuesday morning. This was one of the best sightings in a long time.

islander survey aircraft over Wicklow head

A BN-2A Islander (F-GDHD) makes a low pass near Wicklow head on Tuesday morning . The French aircraft is possibly on an marine aerial survey. She was in Weston over the weekend.

coast protection project at murrough

Work in progress on the Murrough.

scot isles arriving

SCOT ISLES arriving from Varberg on Monday morning to discharge a part cargo of packaged timber.

hot air balloon landing on hill

A hot air balloon lands in a field near Hillview on Monday evening.

incident at walking bridge - kid got head stuck between post

A child got their head caught between posts on the Parnell foot bridge on the river. The local fire service were called and managed to extract the kid. Luckily no injuries were sustained.

boat aground at Wicklow

A rib dinghy broke its moorings near the North pier on Wednesday morning and went aground on the beach, it was later reported on social media that the vessel was damaged beyond repair!


WIND departs on Wednesday evening to replace a wind turbine gearbox at the Arklow bank. The ISIS had also taken a pilot and would dock once ECHION had sailed from the Packet berth.

Sunset at wicklow

Wednesday evenings sunset was quite spectatular!

echion departing

ECHION loaded another cargo of scrap metal at the Packet, she sailed on Wednesday evening after 8pm for Liverpool.

research vessel CETIC VOYAGER off Wicklow

The research vessel CELTIC VOYAGER motors south on Tuesday morning – her website said they were bound for the Celtic sea for a Infomar survey.


We had three beam trawler arrivals on Sunday afternoon, the first was MARY KATE.

Dutch yacht looking for crew @ wicklow port

Crew wanted - The skipper of the Dutch yacht PRINCES MIA put up a sign, he required crew to join the yacht for a voyage taking in Cork , Spain , across the atlantic toTabago and onward to Bermuda. This would be a trip of a lifetime and l wonder did anyone take up the challenge!

johnny k

BRIDGET CARMEL and JOHNNY K arrived a short time later.

bridget carmel arriving

bridget carmel & johnny k at wicklow


customs cutter FAIRE

The Customs cutter FAIRE in Wicklow bay on Saturday morning.


ECHION completed loading scrap metal at the Packet pier on Saturday, she is seen sailing after 6pm for Liverpool.

wind arriving

WIND returned to Wicklow at lunchtime on Tuesday and moored outside the north pier.

murrough protection project

Work continues on the Coast protection project on the Murrough.

The Garda Air Unit seen over Wicklow town. The EC-135 helicopter is flown by Air Corps pilots and is based at Baldonnel.

garda helicopter over wicklow


ship at anchor

The coaster LIAMARE anchored offshore on Sunday morning, she was in the bay most of the day and resumed her passage south later.

ship at anchor

wind working at windfarm off arklow

The WIND seen working on a windfarm turbine off Arklow on Sunday afternoon. The photo was taken from Wicklow head.


The Capstan was returned to the harbour after being restored by Arklow firm Mordaunt Construction. The photo shows the crew from Mordaunt after the Capstan was lifted onto the new plinth. It looks really well and will be a significant maritime feature around the harbour for years to come.

vikings filming

Thursday 1st September and the bay is full of vessels filming more scenes for Vikings. Other filming takes place in various locations around the County and at the large film studio near Ashford.

viking filming

The Murrough protection project is expected to be completed in October. It will be interesting to see how this design stands up to the relentless sea.

local boatman

A boatman follows the beach down towards Wicklow harbour.

filming vikings in Wicklow bay

FASTNET SOUND provides a steady platform for filming.

viking filming

Spoiler alert - It looks like the Viking's will be visiting more southern shores with warmer climates in the next series!

viking filming

Filming gets under way in the bay on thursday afternoon.

danish ships

Two contrasting 'Danish vessel' at Wicklow harbour. It was a nice coincidence that WIND was in the port as the filming of Vikings got underway.  l wonder if descendants of the crew ever visited our town to plunder!

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