January - April 2016

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ISIS motors north for Scotland on Saturday morning after discharging a cargo of timber the day before.

le ciara

I had seen the LÉ CIARA go to anchor on Saturday afternoon in the bay and thought no more of it. I just happened to see her move the same time my mobile rang. This photo is entitled ' She's not '

le ciara

This one is entitled 'She is' as the fenders come into view, and i know now what her intentions are!

le ciara

LÉ CIARA enters Wicklow port as seen from my front gate. A nice unexpected surprise for the May Bank holiday weekend.

le ciara

The difference the sun makes on the vessel.

le ciara

Another view from high over the Green hill as LÉ CIARA takes on fuel.

le ciara

LÉ CIARA seen from the Anchors on the Castle on Saturday evening. Meanwhile further down the coast in Cobh the crew of LÉ ROISIN are preparing for a humanitarian mission in the Mediterranean Sea. Where thousands of migrants cross the sea in all types of vessels hoping to start a better life in Europe. The journey for the refugees is dangerous and has resulted in huge loss of life. The naval ship is expected to sail on Sunday.

scallop boat

The fishing vessel AMBER MIST (WD 272) arrives to land scallops at the North Quay on Saturday evening.

scallop boats

PREVAIL follows a short time later also with scallops.


The 155metre containership ANTWERP (ex MAERSK ANTWERP) heads south for Spain after her first call to Dublin port, on a new service linking Liverpool , Dublin and Algeciras. The service is run by SEAGO part of the Maersk Group. For more information click here to visit the website.


The French destroyer GASSARD (F615) heads south off Wicklow on Thursday morning. The Belgian patrol vessel POLLUX (P902) is also visible in the background. The French warship was in Dublin for a visit and the BNS Pollox and two other ships were heading north to spend the May Bank holiday in Dublin.

bns pollux

The Belgian BNS POLLUX heads north off Wicklow harbour. The offshore patrol vessel was recently commissioned into the Belgian navy.

bns godetia

The naval support vessel BNS GODETIA follows BNS POLLUX north through Wicklow bay on Thursday evening.

bns godetia

BNS GODETIA was commissioned in 1965 and is expected to remain in service until 2020.

astor & lobelia

The Belgian minehunter BNS LOBELIA (M921) passes the liner ASTOR in Wicklow bay. The liner had made a call to Dublin and was now on passage to the Scilly Isles. The minehunter is a ‘Tripartite’ class vessel designed with imput from the French, Belgian and Dutch navies.

coast guard s92 EI-ICD over wicklow

The Coast Guard s92 helicopter EI-ICD lifts off after a visit to East Glendalough School on Tuesday afternoon.

yachts in swell

WSC yachts in the swell on Tuesday evening . According to the Met office its not time to pack away the winter coats just yet as hail showers and strong winds lash the country.

mai lehmann

MAI LEHMANN seen waiting for high water at the Packet pier on Tuesday evening. She departed just after midnight for Delfzuil.

epsilon & granuaile

EPSILON passes Wicklow harbour on Monday morning after her weekend run to Cherbourg.

epsilon granuaile

GRANUAILE at anchor in the bay on Monday morning.

customs cutter

The Customs cutter FAIRE heads south off Wicklow head on Sunday morning.

47-035 & customs cutter off Wicklow head

Wicklow RNLI lifeboat ANNIE BLAKER and FAIRE passing off Wicklow head.

wicklow lifeboat 47-035

A nice aerial view of Wicklow lifeboat on crew excercise off Wicklow head on Sunday morning. The photo was taken near the old Lookout post.

wsc lift in 2016

Sunday was lift in day for Wicklow Sailing Club yachts. The Club have a busy few months ahead , as they prepare for the bi annual Round Ireland Race in June.


The 'Irish Lights' tender GRANUAILE arrived in the bay on Sunday afternoon and went to anchor overnight.

census night 2016

Sunday was Census night 2016 in Ireland and every household was obliged to fill out a census form. The census would also include visiting ships in the Republic that night, so the Skipper and crew of MAI LEHMANN would have received forms. I wonder how much change will have occurred around the port and Wicklow landscape when the census records for 2016 are released by the CSO in one hundred years’ time!

thea mareike

THEA MARIEKE eases away from the Packet pier on Saturday afternoon after discharging a part cargo of Crown timber from Monsteras

thea mareike

THEA MARIEKE motors north on the short run to Dublin port, which should only take a couple of hours.

mai lehmann

mai lehmann

MAI LEHMANN was arriving in the bay from Derry at the same time, and took a pilot.

isora race to wicklow

Meanwhile over 20 yachts were approaching Wicklow harbour after rounding the South India Bouy in a ISORA race from Dun Laoghaire. The yachts tied up at the East pier for a couple of hours, before returning home.

mai lehmann

MAI LEHMANN swings in the harbour before going alongside the Packet pier. The ship will load out a cargo of RDF on Monday.

Carolin g

CAROLIN G arrived on Thursday morning from Belfast , to load out a cargo of crushed glass cullet.

carolin g

carolin g

CAROLIN G waits for the tide on Thursday evening, she departed after 2240hrs for Ellsmere port on the Mersey.

Classic yacht Tomahawk

The classic yacht TOMAHAWK leaves the port on Tuesday morning after a night stopover. She was built in the USA in 1939 and took part in many '12 metre races' that were popular at the time.

ceg cosmos @ north pier

CEG COSMOS moved up river to discharge timber at the North quay on Wednesday morning. She sailed the same afternoon for Scotland

vartry rowing club

Vartry Rowing Club launch their skiff for a training session in the bay on Tuesday evening. The club are taking part in the 2016 Celtic Challenge over the May Bank holiday, which starts in Arklow.


CEG COSMOS illuminated by the setting sun on Tuesday evening. She arrived at teatime from Sandbank and docked later once KOSSAU departed for the Mersey.


KOSSAU loads out scrap metal for Liverpool at the Packet pier on Monday afternoon.


ELBFEEDER a regular sight in the bay, passes Wicklow port on Sunday after a call to Dublin port.


The tug ADA DOROTHY tows a work barge north for Dublin on Sunday evening.

burhou i

BURHOU I approaches the harbour entrance after taking a pilot on a cold Saturday morning.

burhou i

It is unusual to see her arriving in ballast without a cargo.

burhou i

burhou i

But it was a nice surprise to see her load out what looked like building materials.


KOSSAU arrived back in the bay on Saturday morning , she went to anchor to wait for BURHOU I to finish loading at the Packet pier.


The sky darkens as rain shower sweep in over the bay on Saturday evening. KOSSAU had weighed anchor and was waiting for the BURHOU I to sail.

burhou i & Kossau

BURHOU I leaves the port stern first on Saturday evening with a cargo of building materials destined for Jura.

kossau/burhou i

The pilot approaches the KOSSAU as BURHOU I gets underway.



A plume of smoke rises from KOSSAU as she starts to swing in the harbour on Saturday evening.

ayress out of rosslare

AYRESS returns north on Friday for Scotland after delivering a cargo of round timber to Rosslare.


KOSSAU motors into the bay at teatime on Friday from Liverpool , her anchor looks like it is ready to drop. But she motored south a short time later , anchoring overnight near Brittas Bay.

ceg cosmos

CEG COSMOS arrived at lunchtime from Sandbank with round timber.

ceg cosmos

She completed discharge and departed on Friday evening for Scotland.

quay repairs

Repair work on sections of the north quay has begun. Any details about the work welcome.

rescue 117

Rescue 117 the Coast Guard SAR helicopter from Waterford, transits north over the bay on Wednesday morning.


The tanker ALEYNA MERCAN south bound off Wicklow Head on Wednesday after a call to Dublin.


capstan removed

The Capstan was finally removed on Tuesday and transported to Arklow , where it will be restored and returned.

Work was still in progress to remove the Capstan on Monday morning. It is hoped to have completed this stage in the coming days.

lady jan

The whelk fishing vessel LADY JAN motors into the harbour on Monday afternoon.


ISIS made her second call of the week on Sunday, to unload another cargo of round timber from Scotland. She finished discharge and sailed around lunch time for Corpach.


The CIL tender GRANUAILE motors north through the bay on Sunday morning. She was returning to Dun Laoghaire after working in the Rosslare area.


The R0/R0 ferry MAZARINE motors north for Dublin port off Brides Head on Sunday afternoon.

sarah rock @ wicklow harbour

Anglers take advantage of the very low tide and dig for bait near the Sarah Rock on Thursday evening.

isis vanguard @ wicklow

ISIS seen alongside VANGUARD early on Wednesday morning. She arrived on Tuesday evening from Kyle of Lochalsh and moved up river to discharge round timber at the North quay.


Work is still continuing at the Capstan at a slow pace. The unit is firmly secured in place and will take time to remove.


We had two shipping movements on Wednesday evening , the first was VANGUARD departing for Liverpool with a cargo of scrap metal.




ISIS followed a short time later after unloading round timber upriver. She was returning to Scotland to load a second cargo for Wicklow.




VANGUARD loads scrap metal at the Packet Pier on Tuesday afternoon. The crew were busy touching up paintwork while in port. Faversham Shipping always keep their ships in immaculate condition.

capstan restoration 2016

A company arrived to remove the Capstan on Monday morning, work continued all day to clear a section around the base.So it could be lifted out.The Capstan will be transported to Arklow for restoration , which should last a couple of months. According to the Harbour Board notices once the Capstan is restored it will be placed in a position just off the road.

scot isles

SCOT ISLES departs on Monday evening for Belfast , after discharging packaged timber from Varberg. The visiting yacht at the East pier is the French PISCO SOUR.


VANGUARD arrived from Belfast and went to anchor in the bay on Monday afternoon. She took a pilot after SCOT ISLES departed and went alongside the Packet pier to load a cargo of scrap metal.



helicopter training

The Dublin based Coast Guard s92 helicopter EI-ICD conducting external load training at Newcastle Aerodrome on Wednesday morning.

ayress for rosslare

AYRESS motors south off the harbour on Tuesday, with a cargo of Scottish round timber for Rosslare.

whelk boat

The fishing vessel BEARNA FISHER arriving at Wicklow on Easter Monday to land whelk.


ASTORIA (ex AZORES) motors south through Wicklow bay on Easter Sunday. The classic liner built as the STOCKHOLM in 1946 has a long history and is the oldest active liner in the world at the moment. She is best known for colliding with the Andrea Doria in 1956, resulting in the sinking of the latter ship. She was out of Dublin for Avonmouth and according to her website will sail for the Azores & Madeira.
Source http://www.cruiseandmaritime.com/ship/astoria


GRANUAILE at anchor in the bay on Saturday afternoon. She sailed the next day for Rosslare.


The Ro/Ro CLEMENTINE southbound off Wicklow port for Zeebrugge after a call to Dublin.


The CIL tender GRANUAILE went to anchor in the bay on Good Friday afternoon.She arrived from Dun Laoghaire.

ceg cosmos

CEG COSMOS arrived from Corpach with round timber after 1730hrs on Friday evening, she docking on arrival at the Packet pier.

granuaile & ceg cosmos



The ISIDOR discharges Crown timber on Thursday morning , she departed at lunchtime heading south for Southampton.

le ciara

LE CIARA motors north for a visit to Dublin to take part in the 1916 centenary commemoration weekend.

nestor 3rd call

NESTOR arrived from Liverpool for her third consecutive call to load glass gullet , this time for Moerdijk in Holland. the beam trawler MARY KATE is seen at the East pier.

mary kate & husky

Beam trawler MARY KATE and tug HUSKY seen alongside the Packet pier on Monday morning.


The containership ENDEAVOUR motors north through Wicklow bay for Dublin from Bilbao on Sunday afternoon.


The containership VANQUISH motors south past the South India buoy off Wicklow on Sunday evening, as sunlight from the first day of Spring (Vernal Equinox) starts to fade. The VANQUISH maintains a regular container service between Warrenpoint - Cardiff and Dublin. (Update finished charter 15/4/2016 and returned to Holland).

landing whelk

Well over a dozen boats operate out of the port each day landing whelk. They are processed and exported to many countries around the world. Boats have been operating out of the port for whelk since the 1990s.

sailing club craft

This specialist craft is used to lay the chains and moorings for the Sailing Club yachts. So lift in day is fast approaching. The Wicklow Sailing Club will host The 2016 Round Ireland Yacht Race this summer.

st patrick's day

We had two ships , NESTOR & BURHOU I spend the National holiday in the port.

rnli in st patricks day parade

The St Patrick's Day Parade took place in the Town on Thursday afternoon, with the RNLI carrying the parade banner.

vartry rowing

The new Vartry Rowing Club also took part in the parade. The Club are currently looking for a new club house to store their boats.



wicklow rowing club in parade

Wicklow Rowing Club skiff St Manntan 1 dressed overall for the parade , the skiff is celebrating its 60th year with the club , which will host its Annual Regatta on the August Bank holiday Monday. The club also were awarded a prize for best club entry in the Parade.

burhou i

BURHOU I seen from the Murrough on Wednesday morning.





NESTOR returned from Liverpool early on Wednesday morning to load a cargo of crushed glass (glass cullet) at the Packet pier .

47-035 annie blaker

Wicklow RNLI Tyne Class lifeboat RNLB ANNIE BLAKER on the slip. She is the last slipway lauched boat in Ireland today. A fantastic boat crewed by local volunteers since going on station in 1989.

burhou i

BURHOU I at the East pier on a cold Wednesday evening.


BURHOU I moved to the layby berth at the East pier on Tuesday morning , to carry out some repairs. l took this photo on my phone and i am pleased with the result.

burhou i

BURHOU I arrived from Kyle of Lochalsh to unload a cargo of round timber at the Packet pier.

boat painting  @ north quay

A boat is given a new coat of paint at the North Quay on Monday morning. The mural on the wall gives the picture a Mediterranean touch, even though it is Wicklow in March!


Island Shippings multi - purpose vessel HUSKY moves alongside the North Quay.

mary kate

The beam trawler MARY KATE arrived in the afternoon and berthed alongside the East pier , the photo was taken in the Scenic carpark on the Green Hill.

night at wicklow harbour

BURHOU I and beam trawler alongside the Packet pier on Monday night.

R44 over Wicklow

A Robinson R44 (EI-WWI) transits south over the coast on Sunday morning. During the height of the boom, there was up to 200 commercial helicopters in the country.

paddle boarders

Paddle board is becoming very popular today for all ages. The photo was taken on Sunday morning in the bay. A Scrap metal mountain for export is visible in the background at the Multi-Metals yard on the Murrough.

fog at wicklow head

There was a blanket of fog from Wicklow head across the bay on Sunday afternoon making ship spotting impossible. But we could hear the engines of traffic heading for Dublin and every so often they sounded fog horns to alert whelk boats returning to Wicklow harbour.

virgin jet over wicklow

With the fog covering the bay l had to look towards the sky and clearer conditions, l managed to get a Virgin jetliner climbing to cruising altitude west over the bay.


NESTOR approaches the harbour after arriving from Warrenpoint to load out glass cullet.


This was to be the first of three calls by the vessel over the coming weeks.


NESTOR is operated by Wessels Reederei GmbH & Co. KG and registered in Antigua & Barbuda.


She loaded out a cargo of glass cullet and departed for Ellsmere in Liverpool early on Sunday morning.


Irish Ferries EPSILON heads south past the South India Buoy on Saturday afternoon. During the week she works the Dublin - Holyhead route , but on Saturday she makes an economy fare run to Cherbourg.

ceg cosmos

CEG COSMOS discharged round timber from Lochaline on Friday morning and departed at 1150hrs , heading north for Fishnish.

low tide

There was some of the lowest tides of the year during the week, making it possible to walk from the end of the Sarah Rock across to the lifeboat slip.

burhou i

BURHOU I docked at 0030hrs at the North Quay on Thursday morning. She discharged round timber and sailed after 1230hrs heading back to Scotland.

burhou i



The 130 metre containership SOPHIA heads south for Spain off Wicklow harbour on Thursday afternoon.

a lehmann

ALESSANDRA LEHMANN completed loading RDF and departed for Bremen in the early hours of thursday morning.

burhou i

BURHOU I anchored in the bay after arriving from Kyle of Lochalsh with round timber.

le ciara

LE CIARA motors south the bay on Wednesday afternoon. She is one of two former Royal Navy Peacock class vessels aquired by the Naval Service and commissioned in 1989. They have a speed of 25knots and are armed with a 72mm Oto Malera gun.

bro tanker

The tanker BRO DESIGNER and sister vessel are are regular sight in the bay , as they bring in oil products from the refineries at Milford Haven to Dublin. The container vessel in the background is the FLINTERCAPE.

NZ aircraft over wicklow

An Air New Zealand Boeing 777 (ZK-OKS) tracking west at 32,000 feet over Wicklow harbour this afternoon, on a long-haul flight from London Heathrow to Los Angeles.

a lehmann

ALESSANDRA LEHMANN loading RDF at the Packet pier. This is her second visit to the port.

scot isles

SCOT ISLES arrives from Varberg with a part cargo of packaged timber on Monday morning. She sailed later the same evening for Newport.

scot isles

a lehmann

ALESSANDRA LEHMANN at anchor in the bay framed by the snowcapped Wicklow mountains. She took a pilot and went alongside the Packet pier this evening shortly after SCOT ISLES had sailed.The photograph was taken from Wicklow head.

A lehmann

ALESSANDRA LEHMANN arrived from Drogheda in the early hours of Sunday morning and went to anchor. She remained in the bay until SCOT ISLES arrived and completed discharge.


AYRESS motors south off Wicklow port for Rosslare on Sunday morning with a cargo of round timber.


The Irish Coast Guard operates about 17 Cliff Rescue Units around the coast of Ireland.The Greystones unit regularly use the cliff at Travelahawk breach for training purposes. There is a local Search unit based in Wicklow on call 24/7.

C/G Exec

The Irish Coast Guard (IRCG) is Irelands 4th Blue Light service and provides a nationwide maritime emergency organisation as well as a varety of services to shipping and other government agencies.

In partnership with the other Divisions of the Irish Maritime Administration the purpose of the IRCG is to promote safety and security standards, and by doing so, prevent as far as possible, the loss of life at sea, and on inland waters, mountains and caves, and to provide effective emergency response services and to safeguard the quality of the marine environment.

The Irish Coast Guard (IRCG) has responsibility for our national system of marine communications, surveillance and emergency management in Ireland's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and certain inland waterways. It is responsible for response to, and coordination of, maritime accidents which require Search & Rescue and Counter Pollution & Ship Casualty operations. It also has responsibility for vessel traffic monitoring. (Source Irish Coast Guard (IRCG) )


The Ro/Ro ferry YASMINE motors south after a call to Dublin port with cargo for the Local German operated Supermarkets.

crown mary

CROWN MARY another W & R operated ship arrives with a part cargo of Crown timber on Saturday morning.

atr turbo prop

An Air lingus Regional ATR -72 (EI-FAV) aircraft transiting south over Wicklow on Saturday afternoon for Cardiff. They are operated by Strobat Air a subsidiary of the iconic truck company Eddie Strobart.
Stobart Air (formerly Aer Arann) is Ireland's regional airline serving destinations within Ireland and in the United Kingdom and France. The airline operates Aer Lingus Regional services under a franchise agreement with Aer Lingus.The airline operates services from London Southend to Northern Europe under a Flybe franchise (Source Strobart Air )

isis at wicklow

ISIS discharges a cargo of round timber from Corpach at the North Quay on a cold windy Friday morning.

isis sailing

ISIS sailed just after lunch the same day in stormy conditions for Glasson dock on the Lancashire coast.


I missed her sailing but managed to get some shots of her in the bay from my window.

p42 LE CIARA in wicklow bay

Not the best quality but l was happy to get the Naval Service patrol vessel LE CIARA (P42) heading north through the bay at the same time.

elena arriving

ELENA arrives with Crown timber shortly after 0730am on Thursday morning from Monsteras via Dundee.

elenaShe discharged at the Packet pier and departed around 6pm for Belfast. ELENA was built at a Chinese shipyard in 2012 and is operated by W & R Shipping.

bridget carmel arriving

Beam trawler BRIDGET CARMEL arriving at Wicklow harbour on Tuesday afternoon.

sea harmony

The 87 metre fully laden coaster SEA HARMONY motors south off Wicklow harbour, while on passage from Campbeltown in Scotland to Youghal on Tuesday afternoon.

vartry rowing club

A Vartry Rowing Club crew train in the harbour on Sunday morning. The Club recently launched an appeal to find a new home to store their boats.

whelk trawler

CHARLIE BOY II arriving at Wicklow harbour on Sunday afternoon to land a catch of whelk.

RCC cutter FAIRE at Wicklow

The Customs cutter FAIRE prepares to go alongide the East pier during a visit on Thursday afternoon.

ceg cosmos

CEG COSMOS seen discharging round timber from Lochaline up river at the north quay berth on Wednesday morning.

ceg cosmos sailing from Wicklow

CEG COSMOS sails on Wednesday afternoon for Corpach in Scotland.

Nordstern & Ceg Cosmos

NORDSTERN motors towards the harbour entrance as CEG COSMOS heads north for Scotland.

Nordstern arriving at wicklow

nordstern @ wicklow

NORDSTERN arrived from Derry to load out a cargo of scrap metal at the Packet pier.


She completed loading and departed for the Mersey on Friday night.

47 & 14 @ Wicklow

Tuesday was busy day for Wicklow and Arklow RNLI volunteer crews. The drama began before 5am as pagers activated around both towns and crews assembled at the lifeboat stations. Three lifeboats responded to a call from a 20-metre fishing vessel that struck the Wolf Rock, south of Wicklow head.
When the lifeboats arrived on scene the trawler with seven crew was firmly aground. Ropes were passed between vessels by the inshore lifeboat crew. With lines attached the lifeboat crews towed the trawler off the rock and because of mechanical problems on the fishing vessel, it was decided to tow her to Wicklow port. Thankfully there was no injuries to the crew.
A tug brought the fishing vessel to Howth later for dry-docking to access for any damage.
This is the first time l have got the opportunity to photograph Wicklow’s Tyne class lifeboat RNLB ANNIE BLAKER and Arklow’s Trent class RNLB GER TIGCHELARR together.

Arklow RNLI @ Wicklow

RNLB GER TIGCHELARR departs for the run south to Arklow . Her top speed is 25 knots.

ISIS arriving

ISIS arrives on Saturday morning from Kyle of Lochalsh with round timber, She discharged the cargo and departed the next morning after 10am for Kilroot.

rms rotterdam

RMS ROTTERDAM departs for Germany on Friday morning.

rms rotterdam

RMS ROTTERDAM arriving from Cork on Thursday morning to load a cargo of glass cullet.

rms rotterdam

RMS ROTTERDAM goes alongside AYRESS at the Packet pier.

ayress & rms rotterdam

ayress & rms rotterdam

ro/ro in bay

The Ro/Ro ship MAZARINE motors north to Dublin port wth supplies for German owned Supermarket stores, that are quite popular with many of us Irish consumers at the moment.

ayress & rms rotterdam

AYRESS eases away from the Packet pier and departs for Sandbank , after discharging round timber. The photographs were taken from the Greenhill carpark.

ayress & rms rotterdam

ayress & rms rotterdam

rms rotterdam

The temporary rock armour on the Murrough took a bashing during recent Easterly gales; it looks like the motion has moved some of the rocks.


PATRIA arrived from New Ross on Tuesday morning to load out scrap metal at the Packet pier.

bridget carmel

The beam trawler BRIDGET CARMEL arrived on Wednesday afternoon. She tied up at the East pier.

bridget carmel


The calm conditions on Wednesday evening provided a good opportunity for some night photography.

bridget carmel


The lights of the town make a nice backdrop as the crew prepare PATRIA for departure.


I increased the ISO setting on the camera to capture PATRIA as she sailed for Liverpool. The AYRESS was also approaching the harbour at the same time.


AYRESS arrives from Ardrishaig with a cargo of round timber.


AYRESS goes alongside the Packet pier. The cargo was to be unloaded the following morning.


ISIS seen arriving at Wicklow harbour on a dull Saturday morning. She discharged round timber and departed later the same afternoon.



ceg csmos

ceg cosmos

CEG COSMOS arrived from Sandbank on Friday morning to unload more round timber. She departed before 5pm the same day for Fishnish.

ceg csmos

ceg cosms departing


Lehmann Runner

LEHMANN RUNNER arrived to load RDF at the Packet pier on Wednesday morning.

lehmann runner

lehmann runner

She departed on Thursday night heading south for the Dutch port of Delfzuil.

irish rail

An Irish Rail ICR train crosses the 'Iron Bridge' on the afternoon Rosslare - Dublin service.

crown ship

ISIDOR approaches the harbour with a cargo of Crown timber from Monsteras on Tuesday morning.



crown ship


She discharged at the Packet pier and departed for Britton Ferry early on Wednesday morning.

mary kate

Fishing vessel MARY KATE at the Packet pier on Sunday morning.


AMBER MIST at the south quay.


The erosion on the Murrough continues and has now moved a few metres up from where Irish Rail put down temporary rock armour.


The Council brought in a digger to clear a ditch, to allow walkers access to use the amenity. At the moment this seems to be the only work that will be carried out for the foreseeable future.


This view shows the close proximity of the sea to the railway line at the moment.  


It is very frustrating watching this erosion and the slow response of the local authorities and our Municipal representatives to provide and generate solutions. Rather than use it as a backdrop for a photo opportunity to enhance profiles for the coming elections.

river work

Meanwhile on the river we see some progress as a Council crew with chainsaws clear fallen trees from the river, after a landslide on New Year’s Eve.




ceg cosmos

CEG COSMOS prepares to take a pilot in the bay after arriving from Sandbank. She discharged at the Packet pier and departed later on Wednesday evening.

new steps @ river

New steps on the river near the Parnell footbridge.


ISIS approaches the harbour after taking a pilot on Monday afternoon. The SCOT ISLES was also in the bay having arrived earlier.




SCOT arriving

SCOT ISLES followed a short time later with a part cargo of packaged timber from Varberg

scot isles

scot isles

SCOT ISLES discharged her packaged timber at the Packet pier and departed for Warrenpoint early the next morning.


ISIS unloading round timber from Scotland at the North quay.

coaster LEYLA

The coaster LEYLA (ex RAMORA) southbound off Wicklow head for Birdport from Belfast.

irish ferries epsilon

EPSILON heads south past Bride's Head on Monday afternoon bound for Rosslare, after dropping off traffic at Dublin earlier. It's likely she has more new French cars for the Irish market.

ceg cosmos

CEG COSMOS discharges round timber at the Packet pier on Sunday morning.

47-030 relief tyne david robinson

The DAVID ROBINSON launched for the final time on Sunday afternoon after a few months relief dutiy at Wicklow , she had covered while ANNIE BLAKER was off station for a refit. The boat was moored up river and is expected to go to the Isle of Man to cover at Douglas.

47-035 ANNIE BLAKER returning after refit at falmouth

Wicklow RNLI Lifeboat ANNIE BLAKER returns after a refit in Falmouth. The boat was rehoused and was back on station a short time later.

2 tynes at wicklow 2016

ANNIE BLAKER alongside the DAVID ROBINSON at the north quay.

ceg cosmos

CEG COSMOS sailed late on Sunday evening after discharging round timber. ANNIE BLAKER is seen in the background on the slip at the boat house.


The CIL tender GRANUAILE went to anchor in the bay this afternoon.

cil tender granuaile



HERMAS loading RDF at the Packet pier on Wednesday morning after arriving from Warrenpoint.


She was the ex ARKLOW VENUS and was renamed at Dublin port last year. The former name is still visible with Arklow as port of register.


HERMAS loaded RDF and departed on Thursday night for Delfzuil in Holland. RDF is Refuse Defined Fuel and is burnt in an incinerator to generate power.

hermas @ anchor

HERMAS at anchor in Wicklow bay on Tuesday afternoon.

irish ferries ulysses

Irish Ferries ULYSSES is visible just over the horizon from Brittas Bay beach as she heads north for Dublin on Monday morning. The ferry was returning to the Irish Sea after her annual refit at Falmouth. The met mast to the left was installed around 2003, to monitor weather and tide conditions in the area before the wind turbines were built on the nearby Arklow bank. The mast is located about ten kilometres south of Wicklow Head

rcc faire

Sunday saw the arrival of The Revenue Commissioners customs cutter FAIRE. She spent a couple of hours in port before departing during the afternoon.

rcc faire

RCC FAIRE is one of two vessels operated by the Custom Service , used in combating drugs trafficking and other smuggling by sea . She is capable of speed of 25 knots and is equipped with an array of surveillance systems . A 38-knot RIB is carried to provide rapid response to board vessels at sea. The RIB can be launched and recovered quickly from a ramp on the stern.

digging for bate

An Angler digs for lugworm bait on the strand on Saturday morning. The use of a garden fork seems to be the ideal tool for the job.


Strahlmann's LUHNAU arrives to load a cargo of scrap metal on Saturday afternoon.



The cruiser LESLEY ANN II arrives on Sunday afternoon.


medevac 116 @ wicklow

The Coast Guard s92 helicopter 'Medevac 116' prepares to land at the Rugby club to airlift a player to hospital in Dublin, after he sustained an injury. Thankfully it was not serious injury.

mary margaret

mary margaret

The fishing vessel MARGARET MARY motors into Wicklow harbour on Wednesday morning. The vessel spent a short time at the Packet pier before resuming passage.

mary margaret

co council @ murrough

A closer look at the work carried out by Irish Rail to protect the railway line.

co council @ murrough

The Council busy laying a new pathway for walkers on this popular amenity.

co council @ murrough

The Council and Irish Rail are expected to meet to discuss the future plan for the area. The project carried out by Irish rail is said to be a temporary solution.

Co council at murrough



Irish Ferries EPSILON southbound out of Dublin for Rosslare this afternoon. She had arrived from Cherbourg this morning and was returning to off load new French cars in The Wexford ferryport 11.1.2016

burhou i

BURHOU I heads north on Sunday afternoon after discharging a cargo of round timber from Kyle of Lochalsh in Scotland at the Packet pier. Her next port of call was Kilroot. The Ro/Ro ferry PALATINE is visible heading north for Dublin with supplies for the popular German owned Supermarkets.

jet ski @ wicklow

A jet skier in Wicklow harbour on Sunday evening.


NIKLAS prepares to depart on Saturday afternoon , after loading a cargo of glass cullet.


Kayakers leave the harbour for a trip south just before NIKLAS sailed.


NIKLAS departs for Ellsmere port on the Mersey.




NIKLAS at anchor in the bay on Friday evening, waiting for the MUHLENAU to complete loading scrap metal at the Packet pier.


The coaster NIKLAS motored in to the bay from Barrow in Furness on Wednesday evening, and went to anchor. The coaster in the background is the AMIKO southbound out of Dublin for Tilbury on a cold Thursday morning.


The MUHLENAU loads scrap metal at the Packet pier on Thursday morning.

last day irish rail repairs

last day of irsh rail repair

Day 7. Irish Rail Contractors completed their work on the Murrough today and during the afternoon the area was tidied up.The Council are expected to put in a pathway over the coming week.

spratt vessel in bay

The WESTERN DAWN motors into Wicklow bay on Wednesday morning searching for spratt.

Spratt boat

AZTEC motored north a short time later also looking for spratt. Last year huge amounts of spratt were caught in the bay and landed in the harbour. Large shoals gathered in the bay to keep out of the way of anything that would eat them! in open waters.


Strahlmann's MUHLENAU motors into the harbour on Wednesday morning after picking up a pilot. She arrived from Derry the previous evening and went to anchor overnight.


MUHLENAU swings in the harbour.



mehlenau elena

MUHLENAU moors alongside ELENA at the Packet pier.

mehlenau elena

mehlenau elena

ELENA finished loading RDF and departed late on Wednesday evening for Bremen in Germany.

mehlenau elena

murrough repair 2016

Day 6 as work by Irish Rail continues on the Murrough..

whelk boat

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS arrives during the afternoon to land whelk at the South Quay. The fleet usually leave the harbour ant 0600hrs and return in the early afternoon. The whelk is taken away by lorry for processing and export worldwide.


Mudslide along the river.

Sammy @ harbour

Sammy the seal is a familiar sight along the river , during high tides he crosses the road to the Fishman's shop.

sarah rock  @ strand

The main topic on the 'Sarah' Rock this afternoon was the weather and drying conditions.


ELENA arrived from Waterford on Tuesday morning to load out RDF at the Packet pier. She was built in 2012 and is operated by W & R Shipping BV in Holland.



Wicklow head

Wicklow Head
The building to the left of the lighthouse on the hill is a lookout post built and manned during the Second World War or 'The Emergency' as it was known here.


The weather on Sunday was quite pleasent and most people took advantage of it.

sunken boat @ north quay

A sunken boat at the North quay during the week. She was lifted out of the water for repairs a week later.

the murrough irish rail repairs

Irish Rail carry out emergency works to protect the Dublin - Rosslare railway line. The County Council had secured funding from the OPW for work in the same area and work was expected to begin at the end of January. Many people took to Social media sites to express anger at the slow response by the local Authority in tackling the problem. The group Friends of the Murrough organised a public meeting to try and get some kind of plan of action for the future of the area.

murrough repairs

The railway line hugs the Coast for about eleven miles to Greystones. Over the years Irish Rail has carried out Coastal protection works on various sections. Rock from Arklow was placed by small hopper vessels operated by Sillanpaa.

churchbanks mudslide

The landslide at Church banks happened on the last day of 2015. According to local press reports the debris and trees were expected to be cleared in the coming weeks.


The boat on the moorings in the river was brought ashore and secured.

scot trader

SCOT TRADER passing Brides Head. The beach at the Head was used in the early 1980s to shoot scenes for John Boorman's film Excalibur.

scot trader

SCOT TRADER discharged a part cargo of packaged timber at the Packet pier on Saturday morning. She is seen departing for Kilroot the same afternoon, with Kiloughter and Sugarloaf mountain as the backdrop.

wicklow head - south

Looking south towards Brittas bay from Wicklow head as sea mist shrouds the coast.


SCOT TRADER arrived on New Year's Eve from Warrenpoint with Swedish timber. The 90metre vessel was built at Kiev in 2008 as PENAFIEL. She took her present name in 2014 after being aquired by Scot-Line. (Source:www.equasis.org)

Relief fleet 47-030

The RNLI Service of Remembrance took place in the lifeboat Station on New years Day. Afterwards flowers and wreaths were taken out and launched into the bay.The cremony held annually remembers all past crew and mariners from the town. The Coxswain made a run past the East pier allowing me to get some nice shots of 47-030.

relief fleet 47-030

The relief boat DAVID ROBINSON is on station at the moment, while the Wicklow lifeboat ANNIE BLAKER is away for a refit.

murrough 2016

Iarnród Eireann began emergency works on New Year's day at 0800hrs, to protect the railway line at the Murrough. A large section of ground close to the Dublin - Rosslare rail line was washed away by the recent storms . The section was to be repaired by the County Council and funds had been aquired from the OPW for the work.


Pedestrian access to part of the Murrough was closed to allow the works take place. Rock armour arrived by road during the day and was moved into position by large excavators.

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