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mary kate

Beam trawler MARY KATE at the Packet pier on a dull Monday afternoon. So far its fair to say Summer has not arrived..

wavewalker 1

WAVEWALKER 1 was moved to the Packet pier by the tug HUSKY on Friday evening. On Saturday morning preparations wer made to disembark the 500tonne crane.

wavewalker 1

The crane reverses off the platform on Saturday morning without any delay. At high water the same evening it was taken back to the North pier , to be prepared for the trip back to Cornwall.

wavewalker 1

husky mts vanquish @ wicklow

The Tug HUSKY returns to port ,while MTS VANQUISH moves away to anchor offshore, after WAVEWALKER 1 was alongside the North pier.

Marie Lehmann

MARIE LEHMANN motors out of the port on a dull wet Friday morning , with a cargo of RDF for the German port of Bremen.

marie lehmann


german kayakers

Two German kayakers celebrate at Wicklow harbour on thursday after completing a circumnavigation of Ireland. They used the social network site Facebook to keep followers updated on their progress.

wavewalker 1

MTS VANQUISH , HUSKY and WAVEWALER 1 return to Wicklow , after completing repairs on turbines at the Arklow windfarm.

wavewalker 1


ceg cosmos

Thursday morning and CEG COSMOS the first of three ships arrives in the harbour , to unload scottish round timber at the packet pier.

le Ciara

LE CIARA passing south of Wicklow head on Thursday morning , the WAVEWALKER 1 is visible in the background working on No.3 wind turbine on the Arklow bank.

bay anchorage

The small coaster ISIS joined MARIE LEHMANN at anchor in the bay just before noon, after arriving from Holy Loch. She docked up river at the north quay later in the afternoon to discharge her cargo of round timber.


marie lehmann

MARIE LEHMANN motors stern first towards the Packet pier after swinging in the harbour.


ISIS departs at lunchtime on Sunday for Holy Loch in Scotland , to load another cargo of round timber for Wicklow.

scot trader

SCOT TRADER makes her debut call to Wicklow. The ship was built in 2011 as the mv sssssss was aquired by Scot line in 2014. She is seen at the Packet pier about to discharge a part cargo of Swedish packaged timber.

ceg cosmos

CEG COSMOS arrived just after 4pm on Thursday with more round timber from Scotland. She began to unload right away and sailed around 11.30pm that night.


filming vikings

Tuesday morning at Wicklow harbour and rehearsals take place before filming scenes for the new season of Vikings in the bay.

filming vikings

No lifejacket no Pillage mate!
The modern Viking ‘extra’ must adhere to the dreaded health & safety regulations and wear a life jacket on every trip.

vikings filming

The boats start to move out of the harbour. The longship was lead boat followed by a fleet of support vessels.

filming vikings

FASTNET SOUND was the platform for filming during the day.

filming vikings

filmimg vikings

A flotilla of boats working on ‘Vikings’, in the bay on Tuesday afternoon.  Filming wrapped around teatime and all vessels returned to port. The filming certainly benefits the locality and it was great to see so many familiar faces employed as extras.


The work vessel FASTNET SOUND arrived early on Monday morning and moored at the East pier.


MUSKETIER returns to the harbour on Monday morning to discharge the remaining cargo of turkish steel. She departed later the same night for Spain.




Irish Ferries EPSILON returns from her weekend run to Cherbourg. She usually passes Wicklow around 0930am each Monday morning.


MTS VANQUISH approaches WAVEWALKER 1 to prepare lines for the run to the Arklow wind farm.



MTS VANQUISH with WAVEWALKER 1 in tow heads south for the Arklow bank. The tug HUSKY was following a short distance behind.


It was soon clear why FASTNET SOUND was in Wicklow. Filming scenes at sea for the new season of Vikings.


The production crew spent the whole day preparing the longship for filming. A fotilla of support boats were also assembled for the various crew.


By teatime , everything was ready for filming the following day.

tugs and wavewalker 1


The Operation to load the crane at the Packet pier started on Sunday morning. Tugs MTS VANQUISH and HUSKY began to ease the barge away from the New pier at 8.30am sharp.


HUSKY tows WINDWALKER 1 into the harbour. the tug MTS VANQUISH is visible at the stern of the barge. The noise of HUSKY's engines was terrific and it was a good sight to see a Wicklow tug bring in such a large vessel. This photo was also published on page 2 of the Wicklow People newspaper.

Skipper Nick Keogh

HUSKY skipper Nick keogh overseeing the berthing operation. Nick is also Coxswain at Wicklow RNLI Lifeboat Station.


A nice view of the barge and tug with Wicklow in the background.

wavewalker 1 at wicklow port

In this view from the Castle , both tugs are visable. The scale of WAVEWALKER 1 can be measured as it approaches the Packet pier , it towers over the two large grey silos.


The huge crane and its trailer of equipment assembled and ready on the Packet pier.

bank wall

This one of my favourite photos of the morning. It is taken from the Bank wall , where we have stood many times over the years watching ships. Using a wide angle lens l was able to get everything framed in the photo , including my father Tucker.


HUSKY pushed and pulled WAVEWALKER 1 to line it up for the Packet pier. The barge was able to 'walk' the rest of the way to the berth, using its eight legs. This is what makes it so unique.


rnli lifeboat annie blaker launching

Wicklow RNLI Tyne class lifeboat RNLB ANNIE BLAKER launches for a crew excercise on Sunday morning.

Wicklow rnli ilb

The inshore lifeboat (D-671) RNLB SHERINGHAM SHANTYMEN also launched on a crew excercise.

whelk boat

The whelk fishing vessel MY CLAN motors into the to land her catch as Wicklow lifeboat heads out into the bay on excercise. The tug MTS VANGUISH is seen at anchor.

john & emma taylor

l had a brief chat with John & Emma Taylor , who own the catarmaran OCEAN SWIFT. They were just about to cast off after a night stopover. John & Emma built the yacht in a shed in Cumbria and have been sailing her for six years. Wicklow was their first port of call while visiting Ireland. We hope they have a good trip and call back in the future.


OCEAN SWIFT under sail in Wicklow bay.

german yacht

This German yacht got away before l was able to get her name. It looked like there was only a solo sailor onboard.

holyhead towing cat

Holyhead Towings catamaran PENRYN BAY arrived back from Arklow before lunch on Sunday. She moored at the East pier.

holyhead towing cat

PENRHYN BAY carried out crew transfer trials with the barge crane during the afternoon. A cage similar to a bird cage will be used to lower crew from the elevated barge down to the deck of the catamaran.

Skycam ireland crew

l watch in envy as a drone returns to the lads from Skycam Ireland , after completing a 'sortie' taking aerial photos of WAVEWALKER 1 at the Packet pier. Their excellent videos are on Youtube and Facebook and worth watching.

cat & 47-035

crane loading

The afternoon was busy for the crew of WAVEWALKER 1 . Once the barge was in position and stabilised , a loading ramp was set up to allow the crane drive on. The crane then lifted its own equipment onboard.

crane loading


The operation to bring the WAVEWALKER 1 out of the harbour commenced around 9pm, it was watched by a large group of spectators who gathered at vantage points around the harbour.


turkish steel cargo

MUSKETIER smokes heavily as she approaches the harbour . She was to return to the Packet pier after WAVEWALKER 1 left the harbour. but the operation took longer than planned so she went back to anchor overnight.

mts vanquish

MTS VANGUISH waits to assist WAVEWALKER 1 once it clears the harbour.



WAVEWALKER 1 moves away slowly from the Packet pier using its own power.

husky dept

HUSKY begins to push

tug husky with wavewalker 1

HUSKY now pulls..

mts vanquish

The light fades fast..

dept of wavewalker 1


The operation to put WAVEWALKER 1 alongside the North pier lasted into the early hours of Monday morning.

Saturday around the harbour

turkish steel cargo

MUSKETIER left the port on Saturday evening and went to anchor overnight . This left the Packet pier free for WAVEWALKER 1 to load the crane on Sunday morning.

island flyer

ISLAND FLYER leaves the harbour on Saturday morning to work with the barge.

A 10 stopper filter was used to get this shot , the exposure was over 10 seconds. You can see 'Ghost' people on the pier.

skiff crew

A shot of a Wicklow Rowing Club crew after a training session in the harbour on Saturday morning.

island flyer

When working at sea most crew and supply movements are carried out using this crane.

wavewalker 1

A wide angle lens was required for these photographs of WAVEWALKER 1 at the North pier.

epsilon for france

Irish Ferries EPSILON on her weekend sailing from Dublin to Cherbourg. She passes Wicklow around 5pm every Saturday.


PENRYN BAY seen at the North quay , she departed later for the short run south to Arklow port.


MUSKETIER arrived from Turkey on Friday morning , she is seen discharging steel at the Packet pier.




WAVEWALKER 1 seen from the Murrough on a cold dull Friday morning . The weather so far this summer has been disappointing, with May going on record as the coldest in over 20 years.


Evening at Wicklow port. This view is near the 'Coffee house' on the Castle. The shed is used by fishermen to store equipment.


WAVEWALKER 1 at the 'New pier' on Friday night. It is an impressive sight towering over the North pier.


A charter boat leaves the harbour with a group of anglers on Thursday morning , as the Ro/Ro ferry VESPERTINE makes her way north for Dublin port.


The Wind Farm Support & Crew Transport Vessel PENRYN BAY approaches Wicklow harbour on Thursday afternoon. The 18 metre vessel is operated by Holyhead towing and has a top speed of 24knots.


She is licenced to carry 12 passangers . For more details about the company click here


The tug MTS VANQUISH arrives off Wicklow port on Thursday evening with the WAVEWALKER 1 in tow.

WAVEWALKER 1 arrived from Falmouth and will load a crane in the harbour , before carrying out maintanence on wind turbines off Arklow.


WAVEWALKER 1 is innovative large walking jack-up barge, especially made to operate in rough seas, surf zones, beaches and other intertidal locations. Read more here


MTS VANQUISH is registered at Falmouth , she is operated by Marine and Towage Services an independently owned company providing a wide range of marine services from towage, tugs and civil engineering support to pilotage and shipping agency. Read more about the company here


Island Shipping's HUSKY seen departing Wicklow harbour for Heysham on Thursday evening.


MTS VANQUISH is a Damen Tugbuster 3009 type tug built Holland in 2012. This is her first visit to Wicklow.


WAVEWALKER 1 is brought alongside the North pier or as we call it the New pier on Thursday evening , the arrival attrached many curious onlookers. When the berthing operation was complete, the tug went to anchor in the bay overnight.




ISIS arrived around 4pm on Tuesday afternoon with Scottish round timber. She unloaded the cargo in a couple of hours and departed for Scotland at around 7.30pm.



epsilon return from france

Irish ferries EPSILON passing Wicklow port on Monday morning from France.

edenvale -mussel trawler

The Wexford based mussel trawler EDENVALE motors south through the bay on Monday evening.

burhoui l

east pier view

BURHOUI I departs for Kilroot after discharging her cargo of round timber.


360 swimmers

Swimmers David Burns and Maghnus Collins are embarking on a 1600km swim around the entire island. They will attempt to be the first people to swim the entirety of the Irish coastline swimming together rather than in a relay.David and Maghnus will be supported by both an on and off shore support team coordinated by the Expedition Leader Philp Hatton and In-Water Support lead Leisha McPartland. They aim to swim between 15km to 22 km, on average, each day. They will swim up to 12 hours during each 24 hour period. Read more here
I took this photo of the team on Sunday morning as they prepared for a 19 kilometre swim south.(left to right) Philip Hatton , David Burns, Maghnus Collins , Leisha McPartland.

vartry rowers

Congratulations to Vartry Rowers Joe Quinn and George O Brien who were part of the 'Endeavoar Challenge' team that completed an epic charity row from Dunmore East to Landeda in France recently. For more details about the event click here
l took this photo on Sunday morning as they prepared for a training row in the bay.


CROWNBREEZE approaches the harbour at noon on Sunday , she tied up alongside the Packet pier to unload a part cargo of Crown timber.

whelk vessel

The whelk fishing vessel DUN LIR southbound off Wicklow head.

kayaker at wicklow head

The tide conditions at Wicklow head offer many challenges for kayakers

light aircraft

A Cessna 172N out of Newcastle aerodrome transits south along the coast.

ro/ro ferry

The Ro/Ro ferry VESPERTINE inbound for Dublin port , a cruiser is visable in the distance.

samship containership

Another regular sight in Wicklow bay is the SAMSKIP ENDEAVOUR linking our Island with mainland Europe. She is seen passing Wicklow head.

360 swim @Wicklow hd

The Costcutter 360 swimmers pass Wicklow head on Sunday afternoon , according to their website they completed over 19 kilometres on this leg of the journey . They hope to raise awareness and funds for the charities RNLI & Gorta Self Help Africa on their trek around our coast. For more details about donating click here

360 swim @Wicklow hd

Day 3 of the Round Ireland swim Wicklow Town - Mizen Head (Little) - 10.25 Nautical Miles or 19 Kilometres.

uk light aircraft

Another Cessna F172N over Wicklow head.

burhoui l

BURHOUI I anchored in the bay early on Saturday morning , she took a pilot and docked around 10.30am to discharge round timber at the Packet pier.


Mother nature provides a splash of colour as we look up river. No doubt the strong winds have cancelled whelk fishing for today.

burhoui l

BURHOUI I approaches the Packet pier to discharge her round timber . Note the Scottish flag on the mast , normal etiquette would see the Irish flag flying here.

burhoui l


A sailing vessel possibly HOLLYMAE seen off Wicklow head on Saturday afternoon, the wind turbines on the Arklow bank are visible in the background. l believe she visited Dublin port, any details welcome.


Gannets were fishing near the Black Castle on Saturday afternoon. The Gannet is the largest of Ireland's sea birds and with a wingspan of just under 2metres. This is the first time l have seen them so close to the harbour.



CROWNBREEZE seen shortly after her arrival on Saturday evening. She went to anchor overnight.

scot trader

SCOT TRADER southbound off Wicklow on Saturday evening out of Warrenpoint for Rochester. Built in 2007 as PENAFIEL , she was aquired last year by Scot-Line . Hopefully we will see her visit the port in the future.

irish rail

An Iarnrod Eireann22000 Class train crosses the river working the Friday afternoon Rosslare Europort - Connolly Station service.

Arklow shipping

ARKLOW BRIDGE passing Wicklow on Friday afternoon, her destination was Aviles.

A rigid dinghy operated by the National Parks and Wildlife Service seen off Wicklow head , on Thursday afternoon. The NPSW looks after conservation and maintains our natural resources. For more information about their role click here


KREMPERTOR motors out of Wicklow harbour to deliver a cargo of scrap metal to Liverpool. The scrap is transhipped from the Mersey to various destinations on larger ships.


Painting on the river


KREMPERTOR seen loading scrap metal at the Packet pier.

defender aircraft

The Garda Defender aircraft transits north over the harbour on Wedesday evening.


KREMPERTOR arrives from Warrenpoint on a blustery Wednesday morning.




EPSILON seen inbound for Dublin port on a cold dull Monday morning , just before the rain arrived for the day.


ALESSANDRA LEHMANN loading RDF on Sunday afternoon . She sailed later for Bremen in Germany.


RO/RO Ferry

The Ro/Ro ferry AMANDINE heads south after a call to Dublin port.

BLOOM 2015

A garden display with a maritime inspired theme at the Bloom in the Park show in Dublin on Saturday morning.


CEG COSMOS motors out of the harbour on Saturday afternoon after discharging round timber.


EPSILON seen from the East pier heads south for Cherbourg.



ALSSANDRA LEHMANN motored into the bay at the same time from Newport , she took a pilot and berthed on arrival at the Packet pier.








ISIS arrived on Friday afternoon to discharge her second cargo of round timber this week at Wicklow. She sailed after 8pm for Scotland.



CEG COSMOS arrived a couple of hours later with round timber , she berthed up river at the North quay.




MORGANSTER seen from the Monkey Pole on the Murrough , the golf and Black Castle are visible in the background.


Sugarloaf is visible from the angle seen from the North pier.


MORGANSTER left the Bay undersail on Thursday morning for the short run north to Dublin.


The sailing vessel PELICAN of LONDON nortbound off Wicklow on Wednesday afternoon. She is one of many sailing ships expected in Dublin over the weekend for a Maritime festival on the liffey called riverfest. More details here
The ship was build by Chantiers et Ateliers AUGUSTIN NORMAND, Le Havre, 1948, as a double beam Arctic Trawler named PELICAN.
1948 - 1967 Arctic fishing trawler 'PELICAN' Classification BV.
1968 - 1995 Coaster 'KADETT' Classification BV
1995 - 2007 Reconstruction as Sail Training Ship in survey with the MCA/BV
(Source http://www.atseasailtraining.com/177/ships/79/pelican-of-london.html)


The Dutch MORGANSTER arrived in the bay on Wednesday evening , going to anchor overnight. She too was bound for Dublin for the Bank holiday Riverfest.




Beam trawler MARY KATE arriving late on Wednesday evening.

RCC Faire

The customs cutter RCC FAIRE heads south through Wicklow bay on Monday morning. The ferry in the background is EPSILON returning from France.

burhou i

BURHOU I unloads round timber at the Packet pier on Wednesday morning . In the past she has called as LANCRESSE and BRESSAY SOUND and is identical to ISIS.

burhou i

She departed at lunchtime the same day , heading north for Scotland.


burhou i



The SCOT ISLES went to anchor in the bay on Sunday lunchtime , she was joined by GRANUAILE in the afternoon. SCOT ISLES discharged a part cargo of timber the next day at the Packet pier.


GRANUAILE anchored in the bay on Friday afternoon , she spent the weekend working on offshore navigation bouy's near the Codling.


PINNAU waits for high tide to depart , after loading a cargo of scrap metal for Liverpool.

thea Marieke

THEA MAREIKE seen on her second visit to the port with Crown timber. She sailed the same evening for Dublin to load peat.


The Aran Island ferry GLOR na FARRAIGE heads north for Dun Laoghaire. She is identical to ST BRIDGET , which runs sightseeing trips along the Dublin coast during the summer.


CROWNBREEZE at anchor in the bay on Friday morning , she was to dock after CEG COSMOS departed.

Queen V

QUEEN VICTORIA makes an impressive sight off WIcklow harbour on Friday morning on her way to Dublin port.

CEG COSMOS departing

With discharge complete the CEG COSMOS departs mid morning in rain.

crownbreeze arriving

CROWNBREEZE approaches the harbour entrance with a part cargo of 'Crown timber'.

maro polo off wicklow

The last sighting of the day was a liner from a more classical era , the MARO POLO southbound out of Dublin for the Scilly Isles.

Catamaran-record breaker

New record holder.
The 60ft MOD 70 Trimaran Oman passing Wicklow harbour at lunchtime. She has just set a new record for the fastest circumnavigation of Ireland under sail. The yacht left Dun Laoghaire on Monday and crossed the line over 40 hours later, breaking the previous record by over 4 hours.

ceg cosmos

CEG COSMOS arriving at WIcklow harbour this evening, with a cargo of Scottish round timber.

ceg cosmos 2



The Irish Naval vessel LE ORLA (P41) southbound off Wicklow port on Wednesday afternoon. She recently returned to service after completing a major refit.

french navy

The French Naval 'Leopard class' training vessel LION (A755) in Wicklow bay on Thursday morning. She is one of three french naval vessels that will paying a courtesy visit to Dun Laoghaire over the weekend. The vessel anchored overnight at an anchorage south of Wicklow head.

3 oak

The container ship 3 OAK alters course in the bay to delay her arrival at Dublin port on Wednesday evening.


VICTRESS passes Wicklow head on a cold wet Saturday afternoon with the first of two visits to Rosslare with scottish round timber.


EPSILON overtakes a ELB' containership off Wicklow head on her weekend service to Cherbourg.

BLUE Walls

The walls opposite south Quay businesses were given a coat of blue paint to enhance the area.

birds eye view of the sunset

This could be the perfect 'birds eye view' of a sunset at Wicklow.


A few days later Rosslare's Severn class lifeboat went north for Dun Laoghaire for her liftout. She returned later the same afternoon.

arklow lifeboat

Arklow lifeboat RNLB GER TIGCHLEAAR passes Wicklow head on her way back from liftout at Dun Laoghaire.

scot isles

SCOT ISLES discharged a part cargo of timber , she is seen waiting for the tide to depart.

wicklow inshore lifeboat

The RNLI inshore lifeboat on a crew excercise up river.

spring clean

Preparing the boats for Summer.


256 a Garda Air Support Unit Eurocopter EC 135 helicopter transits south over Wicklow harbour on Sunday afternoon. Garda aircraft are maintained on the Irish military register. Irish Air Corps personnel pilot all aircraft and provide maintenance facilities on behalf of the Department of Justice, Equality & Law Reform. (Source: http://www.garda.ie)

The Grey heron or Corr ghlas in Irish are a regular sight around the harbour.


MV ALLER arrived from Cardiff on Thursday morning , the pilot boarded on arrival . She loaded a cargo of scrap metal at the Packet pier and departed for Liverpool on Friday night.



Not the best quality shot of LE EITHNE southbound off Wicklow after a courtesy visit to the capital.

47-035 Wicklow RNLI

Three rescued as trawler sinks off Wicklow
Wicklow RNLI lifeboat ANNIE BLAKER was launched on Wednesday afternoon, after the Coast Guard were alerted to emergency beacon activations about eight miles north of Wicklow harbour. The activation which sparked a major rescue operation , came from a small local whelk boat which sunk without warning. The three fishermen on board managed to scramble into a life raft.
The fishermen were winched from the raft by the Coast Guard helicopter ‘Rescue 116’ and  airlifted  to Tallaght hospital for treatment. Fortunately, they were not injured and were discharged from hospital the following day. The lifeboat crew recovered the raft and landed it ashore.

ro ro ferry

The PALATINE heads north for Dublin with goods for the two major German supermarket chains. Four Colbefret Ro/Ro ferries call weekly to Dublin port with supplies.


A Kite glides gracefully over the Wicklow Coast. The birds were released in to the wild around County Wicklow a few years ago.

The relief fleet RNLI Severn lifeboat RNLB DUKE of KENT (17-45) heads south for Castletownbere to provide cover while the stations boat goes for refit.



lsland Shipping tug HUSKY arriving back at Wicklow harbour on thursday evening.

t burke

The inshore research vessel T BURKE arrived on Tuesday evening. The crew will now carry out a mussel survey along the coast over the new few weeks. The results will determine if the areas are opened for mussel trawling.

paddle boarder

A paddle boarder heads down river near the Bridge Tavern pub.

jet ranger

A Jet Ranger helicopter (EI-ODD) over Wicklow harbour on a pleasure flight out of Newcastle Aerodrome.

air corps aw139 medevac 112

The Air Corps provide the national Air Ambulance Service at the moment. An AW139 helicopter operates out of the midlands providing cover. The helicopter is seen preparing to land on a Rathnew football pitch to airlift a casualty to hospital.

whelk vessel at wicklow

The whelk fishing vessel FRAN LEON III motors out of the harbour on Easter Monday morning.


461 crosses the Iron bridge with a Easter Steam Special to Greystones. I intended to photograph from a different location , but due to fog this seemed the best vantage point at the time.

wicklow head in fog

A blanket of Fog at Wicklow head on Easter Monday afternoon. We could hear the hum of ships engines as they passed in the distance.


Wicklow Rowing Club training gets underway for this seasons East Coast Regatta's. The Club will host its annual Regatta on the August Bank Holiday Monday.


Vartry Rowers also in training in the harbour. Last year the rowers took part in the Celtic Challange Race from Ireland to Wales. The money they raised through sponsorship was donated to the local RNLI Lifeboat Station.


Microlite aircraft from various clubs in Ulster etc took part in a charity flight around Ireland over the Easter weekend. About a dozen aircraft flew over the town during the afternoon , on their way south after a brief stop at the nearby Newcastle Aerodrome.




The Coast Guard s92 rescue helicopter ( EI- ICR) transits north on a training flight over Wicklow harbour on Good Friday. The helicopter is based at Dublin airport.

trent lifeboat saxon

Donaghadee's Trent class lifeboat RNLB SAXON (14-36) passes the southbound fishing vessel OCEAN HARVESTER 2 (G 688) off Wicklow head. The RNLI lifeboat was returning to station after a refit in Wexford.


The Turkish containership EFENDI BABA heads south in Wicklow bay after a call to Dublin port.

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