Welcome to Wicklow Maritime, the online photo diary of maritime activity at Wicklow port and along the Wicklow coast. The website has been online since 2003 and is regularly updated. (see Latest photos).
Tommy Dover

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Wicklow Coastal Watch

The new 234 metre Ro/Ro vessel Celine passing Wicklow port on Friday evening after her maiden call to Dublin port from Zeebrugge.

Recent arrivals at Wicklow port

Hav Pike (ex Bratislava) arriving from Cork on Thursday morning to load out a cargo of scrap metal at the Packet pier. Ceg Cosmos and Thea Marieke are also expected over the next few days.

Lady Ariane discharges a part cargo of packaged timber at the Packet pier on Friday morning. She departed the same afternoon for Cardiff.

Burhou 1 sailing from Wicklow port on Thursday evening after unloading round timber from Port Ellen. Her next port of call was Kilroot.

Ayress arriving from Loch Fyne on Monday afternoon.