Welcome to Wicklow Maritime, the online photo diary of maritime activity at Wicklow port and along the Wicklow coast. The website has been online since 2003 and is regularly updated. (see Latest photos).
Tommy Dover

Latest News –updated 22/02/2018

Wicklow RNLI launch on first shout of 2018 view press release here 

Next Coaster expected @ Wicklow port – Burhou l / 23/2/2018 ex Port Ellen.

Recent renaming – Mv Ceg Universe ex Dan Fighter went north on Saturday morning on passage from Cork for Kilroot. The small coast made a call as Dan Fighter with round timber late last year. Hopefully we will see her return in the future.

Some recent arrivals at Wicklow port

Isidor seen shortly after her arrival with a part cargo of packaged timber from Jatterson. This is her first visit of the year.

Pilsum discharges a cargo of sand from Fowey at the north quay berth on Saturday morning. This is the first ship to unload so far up river in the last couple of years.She departed early the next morning heading south for orders. 27.1.2018

Mv Lumen loading scrap metal at Wicklow port on Thursday evening after her arrival from Garston. This is her first visit to the port. 11.1.2018

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